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Omnis is Trusted by Application Developers All Around the World: Focus on Retail

Omnis Studio is trusted by Web and Mobile application developers all around the world to deliver critical projects quickly and at a lower cost when compared to many other tools. And we have numerous real-life case studies that demonstrate this, in pretty much every sector in the business world, as well as public administration and the community-based sector, including such vertical markets as Finance, the Arts, Education, Legal Services, Healthcare & others – while Omnis apps also feature in generalized software including ERP, Project Management, and Facilities management.

Omnis developers in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Logistics have found great success, but this article concentrates on some recent Case Studies we have made of developers who operate in Retail, Online sales, and back office management systems.

Success in Retail & Online Sales

Developers who cater to the Retail & Online Sales market have found great success using Omnis, increasingly with web / online solutions and mobile apps, so we would like to feature a few of our case studies.

  • Camì – Italian developer Camì provides a wide range of software solutions for large retailers, distribution companies and supermarkets, including Point of Sale (POS), automated Check out & Stock control, with a strong presence in large and medium size retail organizations in Italy and France, including: Codè CRAI, Maxi Di’, Supermercati Tosano, Ali Group, L’Abbondanza, and PittaRosso. View the case study:
  • Half-Word – Italian developer Half-Word used Omnis Studio to develop a complete online retail and cash management solution, including Point of Sale (POS), take away service, home delivery and table management for restaurants and take-away shops; these are integrated in real time with online orders from ecommerce to mobile apps. View the case study:
  • Royal Botania – a supplier of high quality outdoor furniture and lighting, Royal Botania used Omnis Studio to migrate existing ERP systems to SAP and SQL Server. Using the Omnis JavaScript technology, Royal Botania added features for a Transport Cost Calculator, Product labelling, and multi language online Stock control, plus critical Accessibility requirements were met. View the case study:

More Case Studies

We have over 30 case studies on the Omnis website covering every market sector, from developers in Europe, North America and other parts of the world, so we urge you to check them out – we feel sure that if you are evaluating Omnis and read about the successes developers have found using Omnis, then you will want to start your next development project with Omnis Studio:

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