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The Solution

Camì solution for the Point of Sale (POS) is designed to support each step of sale process, making it easier and as user-friendly as possible, keeping in mind that every customer request must be fulfilled as quickly as possible. All software solutions by Camì are entirely independent of the hardware platform and run virtually on any terminal. The major characteristic of the software environment is to be open, that is, independent of the underlying operating system, therefore assuring efficient functioning with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Camì solutions support all the most popular database servers including SQL Server, Oracle, Vertica, Postgres, Sybase, Mysql, Berkeley DB, and IndexDB. In addition, the mobile applications allow users to manage the system using mobile devices both on and off-line.

Camì software is installed in many leading retail & distribution companies and supermarkets in Italy, France and in many other European countries. The most significant customers include: Codè CRAI (www.crai-supermercati.it), Maxi Di’ (www.maxidi.it), Supermercati Tosano (www.supertosano.com), Ali Group (www.aligroup.it), L’Abbondanza (www.labbondanza.it), PittaRosso (www.pittarosso.it), Megamark (www.megamark.it), and SME (www.sme.it).

The Company

Founded as GB Informatica in Turin in 1991 by Michele Grande, in 1998 the head office was transferred from Turin to Como and renamed to Camì. Over the years the company has developed its services and products to include specific applications for large retailers and supermarkets, as well as general software for businesses. Today the company comprises more than 75 employees, with 7 offices in Italy and more than 1,500 installations with 11,000 checkout counters and is now one of the leading companies in the Italian IT market. Camì provides installation support and 24 hours assistance.

The company says that passion, innovation and a strong synergy between technology, people and services enable it to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Why Omnis

“We use leading technology tools such as Omnis Studio to develop our software because it allows us to pay special attention to quality and performance” said Michele Grande, Camì CEO. “It’s possible to develop new functionality for our solution that is immediately ready to be used on every platform – even very specific tasks can be done all within Omnis! The Omnis RAD tool really aids all the steps of the development process, providing a wide variety of tools, specifically designed to improve software evolution. Due to the improvements in the latest Omnis versions, Camì can now provide some of the functionalities of its software directly on the web, without having to rewrite them in different languages, providing a high level of code reusability. All of these goals can be achieved thanks to Omnis Studio!”

Michele Grande,
Camì CEO

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