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Omnis is Trusted in all Markets and Industries, all around the World

Omnis Studio has been used by many Software Development companies and Enterprises to build market leading and award-winning applications, across all industries right around the world. Omnis Software has a decades-long history of software product development and continues to provide innovative tools and services for web and mobile application developers today. The latest Omnis Studio 10 allows software development teams and individual developers to create powerful applications for web, mobile and desktop deployment in all market sectors. If you need proof of this, please take a moment to read about some of the solutions our developers and partners have created, by reading here a summary of our most recent Case Studies. 


  • During the Covid pandemic, medical solutions company BiMind created ‘About You’ using Omnis Studio, a mobile and web-enabled app that allows patients and primary caregivers to share data to enable better treatment.
  • Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH used Omnis to create the Q.MED-AERO mobile app that allows pilots to track their medical certificates and other health data required for flying.

Facilities & Services

  • Alphaplan AG developed a mobile-enabled management solution for commercial facilities & domestic property to allow their employees to track client visits, record completed jobs, manage schedules, handle billing, and so on (shown in the images below).
  • Anaphore created a comprehensive solution for managing small and large archives using Omnis.

Alphaplan Omnis Case Study

Finance & Asset Management

  • MoPhilly has used Omnis for many successful applications including Pops Royalty, a solution for managing mineral assets.
  • Xchanging (now in the DXC Group) created an Omnis app to help large re-insurance companies to manage risks and protect billions of pounds of financial assets.


  • SOMERS used Omnis to migrate from a desktop ERP solution to a mobile app.
  • For furniture retail company Royal Botania Omnis enabled a smooth migration to SAP Business One.

Public Administration

  • CapData used Omnis Studio, after securing EU funding, to create a solution for the Justice Ministry of Madagascar.

Project Management

  • Pro-Ad is a market leading solution created using Omnis for managing jobs, scheduling, and billing in Advertising & Marketing agencies.
  • Italian developer 888 Software created the Matrix solution for managing construction projects.


  • German developer usoft created a web frontend to a legacy COBOL app in a short time using Omnis Studio.
  • Multi-national company SNF Group is a global leader in providing water soluble polymers with total sales of around €2.5 billion; they have used Omnis for many years to manage the manufacturing process across multiple sites.


  • Italian developer Half-Word created a mobile app for fast food delivery companies.
  • CAMÌ Srl used Omnis Studio to create an Enterprise & Retail management solution used by several top European retailers including supermarket chains and wholesalers.


  • daco systems ag in Germany created FAST Logistics, a cross-platform solution used by several leading logistics and haulage companies in Europe.
  • Catalina Software used Omnis to create a flexible logistics management solution for same-day couriers and chauffeurs.

More Information

There are detailed Case Studies for all the companies mentioned here on the Omnis website, plus many more Case Studies, that show the full range of deployments across all markets of successful Omnis applications: www.omnis.net/case-studies/

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