March 29, 2021 Andrew

New Release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29818 is now available

We are pleased to announce that a new patch release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29818 is now available. While the primary purpose of this free patch release is to provide essential, real-world bug fixes and adjustments to keep your Omnis Studio 10.2 software safe and fully optimized, this revision also includes some small enhancements to the Code Assistant and the Method Editor and incremental improvements to other features.

So please read on for details of the Studio 10.2 fixes addressed and enhancements included in this release:

  • Entry Fields & $showellipsis
    A new property $showellipsis has been added to the fat client Single Line Entry Field (only applies when field is read-only). If true, an ellipsis is shown in the field if the text is too long (only applies when the control is read-only, $horzscroll and $righttoleft are both kFalse, $align is kLeftJst and $passwordchar is not set).
  • $construct Row
    A ‘clientPlatform’ column has been added to the $construct Row parameter for remote forms. This denotes the platform on which the client is running, and returns one of the following strings: ‘Windows’, ‘macOS’, ‘Linux’, ‘iOS’, ‘Android’ or ‘Unknown’.
  • SQL Workers
    There is a new SQL Worker Lists $userworker example in the Hub in the Studio Browser.
  • Code Assistant
    There is a new option to show method names before attributes in Code Assistant lists. There is a new Boolean entry in config.json, in the ‘codeAssistant’ section, listShowsNamesFirst, defaulting to true. When true, names occur in the code assistant list before attributes etc. that start with $. When false, the list order is the same as in previous versions ($ entries typically occur before names).
  • Method Editor
    There is a new item “methodeditorfadealpha” (0-255) in the “IDEmethodEditor” section of appearance.json to allow you to set the fade level of method editor when editing a variable value in the debugger variable panel.
  • Virtual Keyboard & $negallowed
    The inputmode for JS Edit fields is no longer set to ‘numeric’ or ‘decimal’ if $negallowed is true, as these don’t guarantee the presence of a minus key. This may mean that some situations which previously showed a numeric keyboard no longer will. You should note that a touch device’s virtual keyboard is more likely to use a numeric keyboard if $negallowed is false.
  • DB view in Query Builder
    An option has been added to the ‘Other’ menu in the Query Builder to create a DB view.
  • Class Comparison tool
    You can now filter the list of classes in the Class Comparison tool on keypress for revisions.
  • JSON Export
    The reporting of conflicts in JSON Export has been improved. Note that the conflict detection process uses the modify date of each file in the JSON tree for the class, so if a date has changed a conflict will still be reported even if the file contents have not changed. Note also that this means conflicts will be reported (if overwrite conflicts is off) when you first export a library with this new version of the hash algorithm.


The patch release is available for download at:

As a patch release, it is designed to run with existing Studio 10.2 serial numbers.

If you are still on Omnis Studio 8.1 or older, we strongly recommend you upgrade straight to version 10.2. For ODPP customers on Studio 10.1 or 10.0 the update to v10.2 is free of charge; customers outside the ODPP program can purchase updates to v10.2 with significant update discounts.

For any questions regarding updates and upgrades to Omnis Studio 10.2, please contact your local sales office via our website: