April 26, 2021 Andrew

New Release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 30204 is available now

We are pleased to announce that a new patch release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 30204 is available now. The primary purpose of this free patch release is to provide essential, real-world bug fixes and adjustments to keep your Omnis Studio 10.2 software safe and fully optimized, but this revision also includes a few small enhancements:

  • List column calculations
    A new library preference $clib.$prefs.$validcolumninbadrowisnull has been added. If true, non-existent list columns in calculations evaluate to #NULL rather than an empty character string. This allows for expressions like myList.col or myList.10.col where the list line does not exist, perhaps because the list is empty.
  • Operating system drag and drop
    Due to issues dropping folders when dragging items from Omnis onto the operating system, folders are now included in the list of dropped objects, with a size of zero.
  • Using Non-TrueType fonts for background objects
    A new config.json item has been added to allow you to use non-TrueType fonts for window background objects. The config.json item ‘backgroundObjectsMustUseTrueTypeFont’ has been added to the ‘windows’ section of config.json. If true (the default) TrueType fonts must be used. When false, you can use non-TrueType fonts for background objects, but note that in some situations, e.g. in drag bitmaps, the text may not draw.
  • ODB Encryption – $odbencrypt 
    The $odbencrypt session property has been added. If kTrue (the default) ODBC Data Bridge connections use end-to-end encryption. Improved network performance can be achieved by disabling encryption. The ODBC Data Bridge uses the value that is in effect when $logon() is called, i.e. if kTrue when $logon() is called, fetch results will still be encrypted for the duration of the connection even if $odbencrypt is subsequently cleared. Note that you do not need to update the ODBC Data Bridge to use this feature, since it automatically recognizes encrypted and non-encrypted data, and responds in kind.
  • Oracle DAM 
    The $rpcprocedures(), $rpcparameters(), $rpcdefine() and $rpc() methods have been added to the Oracle DAM.


The patch release is available for download at:


As a patch release, it is designed to run with existing Studio 10.2 serial numbers.

If you are still on Omnis Studio 8.1 or older, we strongly recommend you upgrade straight to version 10.2. For ODPP customers on Studio 10.1 or 10.0 the update to v10.2 is free of charge; customers outside the ODPP program can purchase updates to v10.2 with significant update discounts.

For any questions regarding updates and upgrades to Omnis Studio 10.2, please contact your local sales office via our website: www.omnis.net/contact/