The perfect mix

of efficiency and flexibility.

The perfect mix
of efficiency and flexibility.

10 Reasons why Omnis

Powerful, productive, performant, proven – there are many reasons why Omnis Studio is the smart choice for application development.

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10 Reasons why Omnis

Powerful, productive, performant, proven – there are many reasons why Omnis Studio is the smart choice for application development.

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Why you should choose Omnis Studio…


1. Cross platforming for real flexibility

Do you really want to spend time on developing the same solution twice for different platforms rather than being able to focus on the concept and logic of your solution and an attractive UI? With Omnis Studio you can create your application on one platform and deploy it to any other platform, including Windows & macOS desktop computers, on the web in any browser, or on any mobile device on Android or iOS, all from the same code base.

That means you are not tied to any platform and can adapt to changes in the IT market place, now and in the future.

Doug Easterbrook, Arts Management Systems, Calgary, Canada“Most of all, we have always been cross-platform which is perhaps one of the single greatest features provided by Omnis Studio. The Omnis support team is fantastic to work with because they are so willing to add enhancements. I could go on…”

Doug Easterbrook, Arts Management Systems, Calgary, Canada


2. High productivity saves time & money

Omnis Studio lets you build desktop, web and/or mobile apps in less time and with fewer resources than with most other tools. It provides a complete, integrated development environment with a powerful method editor and a debugger that let you write and edit code quickly. So applications can be ready for deployment within weeks, not months.

Therefore developing with Omnis Studio supports hyper-agile development, shortens the time to market drastically and saves significant resources. This is an important advantage given the current shortage of developers in the market.

Sten-Erik Björling- Enviro Data, Sweden“I only need to use one single tool [Omnis Studio] for creating different solutions: stand-alone, client-server, html-based systems, web-services and web client-based systems… …This saves a lot of time and effort for me, allowing me to concentrate on developing the concepts, strategies and total solutions.”

Sten-Erik Björling– Enviro Data, Sweden


3. Connectivity and integration without borders

Whether you want to access WSDL or REST based Web Services or publish your own ones, whether you want to create your own JavaScript components using JSON or Java Objects or whether you want to keep using existing legacy systems and add web or mobile functionality – Omnis Studio integrates them all. Connectivity and integration is one of Omnis‘ biggest strengths and has been proven in thousands of applications for all types of businesses.

Sandro Pizzolato, Sales Manager of 888 Software Products S.r.l.“Omnis Studio technology allows us to optimize our development time, and rapidly update Matrix to comply with all the changes in regulations required by building contractors. This has allowed us to create one of the most successful ERP solutions for the construction industry.”

Sandro Pizzolato, Sales Manager of 888 Software Products S.r.l.


4. Multi database connectivity

Omnis Studio allows native connections to all leading databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as many JDBC and ODBC compliant databases, so you can connect to virtually any data source and transfer data from one to another. Omnis also supports SQLite which you can use for smaller projects, and is used in the tutorial.

Rudolf Bargholz, Chief Software Developer and joint Managing Director of Online Travel Services AG, Zurich, Switzerland.“No development environment is perfect, but Omnis Studio comes pretty close when it comes to creating database frontend applications.”

Rudolf Bargholz, Chief Software Developer and joint Managing Director of Online Travel Services AG, Zurich, Switzerland.


5. Outstanding technical support

Reliable and knowledgeable technical support can be key to the success of your project. At Omnis, you won’t be stuck in a waiting loop and your questions won’t be handled by automated systems, but you will always talk directly to dedicated and knowledgeable support engineers. Our consultants can provide all the help you need to build and maintain your application. The Support team works closely with the core development team, so you know you will always get the best possible technical help.

Daniel Herbert, JOVIS enterprises ltd, Switzerland“I have been developing applications in Omnis since 1989, and to date I haven’t seen any other development software that could match the efficiency of Omnis… Added to this, the support from Omnis is simply phenomenal: many other vendors should take this as the standard!”

Daniel Herbert, JOVIS enterprises ltd, Switzerland

Omnis Studio 10

Learn all about the new release. A powerful development environment that lets you deploy apps to virtually any device, on any platform, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers
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Omnis Studio

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Omnis Studio 10


Omnis Studio 10: Remote Debugging

Remote Debugging

Omnis Studio 10: New JavaScript Controls

New JavaScript Controls


6. Excellent support for the entire lifecycle of the application

Omnis Studio provides you with all tools and support you need not only for the initial development, but for the entire lifecycle of your application including a code that is easy to edit and maintain and by the best debugger in the industry and the ability for debugging remotely.

Philip T. Ruser, founder of amétiq, Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland“The entire solution has been developed in Omnis Studio which enables us to provide our customers continuously with innovations and so to sustain our market position. Reacting to the fast changing legal requirements in the healthcare sector and achieving a fast time-to-market are very important for us. Omnis Studio allows us to offer a secure and high quality solution that meets the high demands of the public health sector.”

Philip T. Ruser, founder of amétiq, Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland


7. Proven track record, thousands of solutions

Omnis has been used by ten-thousands of programmers, developers, and VARs, right across the world, to create off-the-shelf software products, and in-house applications for companies of all sizes. See the Case Studies section for great examples of Omnis-based solutions for enterprise and web deployment, and mobile devices.

Paul Mulroney, Head programmer with Logical Developments, Western Australia“Omnis is the tool of choice that allows us to take complex user requirements and produce elegant, easy-to-use solutions.”

Paul Mulroney, Head programmer with Logical Developments, Western Australia


8. Comprehensive developer program

The sophisticated Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) offers many advantages and support in word and deed. ODPP members stay automatically up-to-date with the latest Omnis technologies and releases, receive preliminary information and the highest level of services including preferred technical support, free consultancy elements, discounts on licenses, access to beta program and faults database and many more.


9. Strong developer community

When you become an Omnis developer you join a worldwide community of programmers and developers, many of whom are fanatical about Omnis. We host a portal for developers to post questions and exchange ideas:

There is also an annual developer conference, organised by developers for developers: Omnis World, and regular developer conferences, organised by Omnis Software, around the world.


10. Free training and high quality consultancy

Don’t worry about the learning curve: The Omnis development environment is easy to learn. And: The training is free within the Omnis Academy and available in different languages and you can choose between physical classes and online training. Our highly experienced trainers and consultants can accelerate your application development using Omnis Studio.

And we don’t leave you alone after the training: If you need help, want to learn some new technologies in Omnis or simply need to meet a tight deadline – our consultants are available for you, remotely or onsite, just when you need them or for a whole project.

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