Omnis Studio 11

  • provides a completely new UI, new UI components and new features.
  • So developers are now able to build the next great customer solution of the future in much shorter time than you think.

Build iOS and Android apps, offline mobile apps, responsive web apps and even desktop solutions — all in a single platform and from the same code base.
Omnis Studio is now even more productive and efficient, enabling you to exceed customer expectations for speed and convenience while reducing the cost to develop and maintain.

Changing the way and speed of building outstanding apps

v11 has got a completely new designed UI and IDE, enabling new developers to create amazing business apps immediately. 
And experienced Omnis developers will experience a new intuitive and even faster way of building game-changing apps.
Omnis includes intuitive design tools that make building interfaces really fast and easy. At any stage of your development you can switch between design, debug and runtime mode and can edit everything at any level. At any time you can even view your UI in multiple configurations, such as light and dark mode which is now supported on all platforms.
The Component Store containing more than 40 ready-made components has been completely redesigned to make it easier and more intuitive to use.
The new designed Property Manager makes the design of expressive apps now even faster and really fun.

Easy onboarding for new developers

If you are new to Omnis Studio you will find it easy and seamless to get started with your first app project.
The new Omnis Studio Browser provides a landing page for new users to create a new project and receive help and samples.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

We are living in an era of customer centricity. A modern, appealing UI and an engaging customer experience are key factors for the success of an application.

  • Omnis Studio 11 includes many new and enhanced UI controls for mobile, web and desktop that power the design of your apps.
  • The Tile Grid is a new JS component that displays a scrollable grid of “tiles” which can be configured to show images, text and buttons.
  • The Chart is a new JS component that allows you to create different types of charts from list data to display in a remote form.
  • For desktop apps, the Tab Strip control has been enhanced and now supports groups so the tabs can be arranged vertically into separate groups.
  • The Gauge is another new JS component that provides a way to display numerical values on a circular or linear scale, with options to customize the appearance and behavior.

So it’s easy to unlock your team’s creative potential to

  • Create beautiful UIs that support the purchase decision of your potential customers,
  • Guarantee easy onboarding of new users and
  • Increase the productivity and work satisfaction of the users

Many other important enhancements …

JS Camera control

A new JS Camera control allows the end user to capture images or scan QR
codes and barcodes.

Spell Checking

Omnis now checks spelling in text in end user apps, as it is entered in desktop forms

System Notifications

Omnis can now send notifications to the operating system on the enduser’s 
computer, on both Windows 10/11 and macOS; notifications will pop up on the end user’s screen and are added to the Notification Center for the current operating system


There is a new external called OIMAGE that contains a set of static functions that allow you to resize JPG and PNG image files or perform various transformations on the images including rotation and flipping or automatically generate QR codes.

… and even more


Some functions within the Omnis Version Control System (VCS) have been exposed via API calls, to allow developers to interact with the VCS or its contents programmatically; so developers can logon or logoff, list VCS projects and their status, check out or check in classes, and build projects using the new VCS API method calls.

Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) / Two factor authentication (2FA)

Two new functions have been added to the OW3 package to generate and validate Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTPs).

OW3 Worker enhancements

The LDAP Worker has been added to the OW3 group of worker objects.
The Python Worker has been added to the OW3 group of worker objects.

User Constants

allow you to define constants in a new User Constants class for use in your methods and expressions.

PDF/A Level 2 and 3 Support

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