May 14, 2021 Birgit

Omnis Studio’s connectivity extended once again to include SAP HANA®

Most developers working with Omnis Studio rate its enormous connectivity and integration capability as one of its greatest strengths. This connectivity has once again been significantly expanded as now Omnis developers can extend their applications so that they can access the power and flexibility of the SAP HANA® database platform. So mature Omnis Studio functionality now comes with the additional support of an underlying database operating as a hybrid system which not only carries the potential to deliver stunning performance, boundless scalability, seamless data integration and effortless real-time analytics, but also helps to streamline and simplify the generic tasks of integrating data and applications. 

The implications of this potent combination for professional software developers are clear: faster development, enhanced performance, and even greater flexibility, resulting in an Omnis Studio cross-platform tool capable of delivering smarter apps within shorter timescales, without cutting corners. 

What’s so special about SAP HANA®?

In-memory data storage allows SAP HANA® to take advantage of faster access and prioritised data processing, all of which takes place entirely in central memory and has very positive performance implications. And by managing data in column-based tables, rather than rows, SAP HANA® likewise achieves much faster read times. These trademark features enable the rapid processing of vast amounts of column-stored data with great precision and virtually zero latency. 

An awesome combination

Combining the powerful storage and retrieval capabilities of the SAP HANA® relational database engine with the phenomenal depth of features available in Omnis Studio 10.2 builds a versatile software package of awesome power. Equipped with this formidable blend of Omnis Studio and SAP technologies, Omnis partners will now have incredible data processing speeds available at their fingertips for both web and mobile applications and for deployment in e-commerce solutions, state-of-the-art reporting, and real-time business analysis contexts. 

Rapid development

Omnis Studio provides an intuitive and productive environment which offers ultra-fast prototyping, promotes development efficiency, and simplifies routine debugging and maintenance procedures. Incorporating SAP HANA®’s astounding performance capacity simply supercharges these robust features, leaving the developer free to focus on solving problems and creating effective business solutions. 

The power of SAP HANA® in tandem with Omnis Studio’s renowned productivity is apparent when working on resource-hungry web and mobile apps. As of now, any apps with extensive data footprints can immediately benefit from SAP HANA®’s in-memory technology. SAP HANA® can provide an advanced, column-oriented database capable of processing all types of data while handling transactional and analytical workloads at the same time. And let’s remind ourselves, Omnis Studio’s own multi-platform profile means applications require just a one-time development before they are available for multiple deployments across any kind of platform and device. 

Having a column-oriented, multi-modal database at your disposal which can rapidly process all kinds of data and perform analytical functions alongside transactional interactions is bound to make a significant contribution to the development of smarter solutions. And with the new collaboration between SAP HANA® and Omnis Studio, developers have a RAD tool with the potential to create more intelligent applications featuring advanced analytics which can inform strategic actions and real-time business decisions on the fly. 

Corporate benefits

Pairing SAP HANA®’s ability to process heavy workloads in a single database system with the acclaimed development productivity of Omnis Studio saves time and developer resources, enabling businesses to focus on creating successful, leading-edge solutions in every kind of enterprise across a host of market sectors. Omnis Studio’s ‘code once’ philosophy adds the flexibility companies need to deploy apps to desktops, mobile devices and on the web, across every kind of platform. 

The integration of SAP HANA®’s one unified database engine with Omnis Studio’s cross-platform development environment helps companies to develop smart, insight-driven applications based on real-time data insights, in-memory technology and machine learning, whether in the cloud or as on-premise applications. It will guarantee highly reliable, performance-focused solutions grounded in pervasive data intelligence to provide improved agility and innovation and drive faster times to market while simultaneously reducing risks, costs and complexity. 

A new horizon for SAP HANA® users too

This powerful new alliance also represents a fruitful opportunity for enterprises already running SAP HANA®. With this new integration option they can take advantage of the Omnis Studio rapid application development solution. From now on, they will have the freedom and the productivity to create their own high-quality apps to run on a multitude of operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, as they explore the huge potential of the latest version 10.2 of Omnis Studio.

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