July 5, 2021 Andrew

Omnis is Trusted by Application Developers All Around the World in Every Sector

Omnis Studio is trusted by Web and Mobile application developers all around the world to deliver critical projects quickly and at a lower cost when compared to many other tools. And we have numerous real-life case studies that demonstrate this, in pretty much every sector in the business world, as well as public administration and the community-based sector, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Finance, the Arts, and Education – Omnis apps also feature in ERP, Project Management, and Facilities management.

Success in Healthcare

Developers who cater to the Healthcare market have found great success using Omnis, increasingly with mobile apps, so we would like to feature a couple of our case studies.

  • BiMind – Italian developer BiMind created the ‘About You’ mobile and web-enabled app to provide effective monitoring of patients, and to facilitate the sharing of health data between patients and their primary caregivers. The app was created during the Covid pandemic and greatly helped patients receive the proper care during restrictions on travel and social distancing. View the case study:
  • Q-Med – German developer Christoph Schwerdtner created the Q-Med mobile app to allow pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers to manage their medical certificates in order to maintain their flight licences or work permits. Doctors can enter medical data via the Omnis desktop app, while pilots can complete their application for medical certificates using the mobile app which is available in the Apple AppStore. View the case study:

More Case Studies

We have over 30 case studies on the Omnis website covering every market sector, from developers in Europe, North America and other parts of the world, so we urge you to check them out – we feel sure that if you are evaluating Omnis and read about the successes developers have found using Omnis, then you will want to start your next development project with Omnis: www.omnis.net/case-studies/

Omnis FREE Trial

If you would like to try Omnis Studio, to explore the possibilities it provides for web and mobile application development, you can by downloading our 90-day Free Trial:


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