Omnis developer map
see where omnis developers are located

Put yourself on the Omnis Developer Map

The Omnis Developer Map shows where Omnis developers are located across the world: developers have added their own details, so it is not a complete list of developers, but shows that Omnis developers are located in all parts of the world. There are over 350 entries on the map, with the majority of Omnis developers located in Europe, North and Central America. If you are an Omnis developer and would like to appear on the map, you can add your own marker: there is a color coded legend to allow you to characterize your business activity (Consultant, In-house developer, etc).

We are grateful to Mark Phillips of Mophilly Technology Inc. who created the original Omnis Developer map.

How to add your marker:

Go to the Omnis map at: Click on “Map Access” (top-right), enter the password “omnisian”, and click on “Unlock”. To add a new marker, click on the “Additions” menu and select “Add Marker” using either the “Simple” or “Detailed” option. To change an existing marker, login (unlock) as before, navigate to your marker and click on it to display the information bubble. Click on your Company name at the top of the bubble (it should be a link), and a dialog should appear. Make the desired changes and click “Submit”. (When you have finished editing your marker, please “Lock” the map again via the “Map Access” option using the same password.)

Note the map is checked regularly for accuracy and we reserve the right to remove any markers or information that we deem to be incorrect or inappropriate.