SAP HANA® & Omnis Studio

Combine Power, Flexibility and Innovation

Networking and integrating Omnis Studio and SAP HANA® unleashes tremendous opportunities for performance, scalability, real-time analytics, data integration and much more.

So you can deliver smarter apps.

Discover the benefits of SAP HANA® & Omnis Studio


The fast prototyping, the efficiency of development and the ease of debugging and maintenance of Omnis Studio guarantee easy and productive app development that takes full advantage of SAP HANA®’s powerful capabilities. So you can focus on building applications that solve business needs quickly.


By combining Omnis Studio’s productivity with the power of SAP HANA®, web and mobile apps with large data footprints especially benefit directly from the highly scalable, in-memory technology of SAP HANA®. So you can build apps with bigger datasets, more users, or more complex data operations in less time and with fewer resources.


SAP HANA® provides a single, column-oriented database for transactional and analytical workloads with any data type and flexible deployment options including on-premise, multi-cloud, and seamless hybrid deployments. And with Omnis Studio you only need to develop your application once and can deploy it on literally every platform and device.


You can develop intelligent solutions with a single, column-oriented database for transactional and analytical workloads with any data type. With SAP HANA® and Omnis Studio together you are simply able to create smarter apps with advanced analytics that speed data-driven, real-time decisions and actions.

Perfect match for your success

The combined technologies of Omnis Studio and SAP HANA®, available now to Omnis Studio developers and partners, provide incredible data processing speed for both their web and mobile applications, reporting and advanced real-time business analytics. With SAP HANA® which provides in-memory database and data processing developers can take advantage of the Omnis Studio cross platform development environment with outstanding performance.


… is a column-oriented in-memory database that runs advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions in a single system. This lets companies process massive amounts of data with almost zero latency, query data instantly, and become truly data driven. By storing data in column-based tables in main memory and bringing online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transactional processing (OLTP) together, SAP HANA® is significantly faster than other database management systems (DBMS) on the market today.

Combining the power of SAP HANA® with the development productivity of Omnis Studio which saves both developer resources and time enables companies of all sizes to build successful, leading-edge solutions for all types of industries and market sectors. Omnis Studio adds the flexibility to deploy your apps to desktops, mobile devices and in the web on literally all platforms, all from one code base. 

Therefore the integration of SAP HANA® in Omnis Studio applications helps companies to build smart, insight-driven applications based on real-time data, in-memory computing, and machine learning technology, both in the cloud, and on-premise. It guarantees highly secure and performant solutions providing data-driven insights and data mining for actionable business intelligence that solve business needs quickly.

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New opportunities for your business

Companies already using SAP HANA® can now take advantage of fast and easy development of Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps in record time and with fewer resources and more flexibility to respond to market requirements.
Omnis Studio developers can now add the power and performance of SAP HANA® to build appealing mobile, web and desktop apps with real-time processing speed, a significantly simplified data model and high scalability.

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