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Omnis Studio is an extremely productive development environment that provides you with everything you need to create powerful and attractive business apps – Progressive Web Apps, mobile and also desktop apps. It integrates with virtually all leading database systems and other popular software including legacy systems.

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UI Design made easy

Responsiveness made easy for designing desktop and mobile apps

Design for desktop browsers as well as for mobile devices to achieve a responsive design. All versions will use the same components if you wish. So no need to maintain different code bases.

Switch between Design and Web browser instantly

Test your design at any time by a simple shortcut (ctrl-T) to see and test your code in your web browser.
Once you see your form in the Web Browser the components are not only shown but can also be tested directly.

Subform control allows to nest forms

You can reuse any of your remote forms by using the Subform control which displays a complete separate form within it. You can even dynamically switch between different forms so that the end user can switch between different forms, which is easy to implement as a menu system.

There are examples for each of the components

There is a samples section within Omnis Studio which shows exactly how the components can be controlled by code. It can also be reached from here.

Use your own CSS classes

You can assign one or several CSS classes to the components to allow even more customisation. The class designer will display the component accordingly.

Add 3rd party or your own JavaScript components if you want

In case you want to add your own JavaScript components you can do this easily.

Create your data objects by using the powerful Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to create complex SQL Joins just using drag&drop. You can test your SQL and automatically generate your data objects from there.

Easy development language with powerful commands

Omnis Studio comes with an easy to learn development language. There are a huge number of built-in functions and commands that can be easily extended with custom methods and classes.

Outstanding Debugger

The Omnis Studio Debugger lets you debug your web and mobile application. You can inspect your variables and even change your code while you are debugging!
Once you changed your code you can just set the execution point to an earlier code line in that method or in a calling method using the method stack list to test the newly added code lines. The debugger includes a various number of breakpoints including variable breakpoints that break the code execution when a variable value changes or reaches a certain value.

Design your UI classes easily with Drag & Drop

Just drag & drop components from the Component Store onto your form and change their properties to make them fit into your design.

There are more than 40 components available out of the box

Just drag them onto your form and customize by setting their properties to make them fit into your design.

Call your server-side data object to show the data on the client

Just place some code at the buttons control to load the data into the data object. Your instance variables are automatically synchronised between server and client.

Code Assistance

While typing the Code Assistant will help you to find the right syntax and explains methods, arguments, properties and more.

Supports push technology

You can also push any data from the server to the client. This allows you to refresh any data on the client without having any user interaction. For example if you show some live data the website will automatically update its content.


Create superclasses to inherit design and functionality. That makes it easy to have a consistent UI design as well as a consistent behaviour throughout your application. You may override methods from the superclass if you want to have a different behaviour in the inherited class:

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