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Faster, Easier app development and a Better UI with Omnis Studio 11.1

We are excited to announce that we launched a new Omnis Studio release: Omnis Studio 11.1 Rev 37255 is now available for download from our website:

It provides many new features and enhancements and focuses on:

  • Faster and easier development for you
  • More options for an appealing and accessible UI for your users.

New features to speed up your app development

Omnis Studio 11.1 provides some powerful enhancements in the Omnis development environment including:

  • Find and Replace Tool: updated with a new UI and enhanced with several new options, including a new Find Previous option and a new Modify Class option in the context menu.
  • SQL Browser: You can now import CSV or TSV files into a session.
  • Property Manager: You can now enter a calculation to change the value of the Location and Size properties for a group of selected objects.
  • Configuration Editor: Changes and additions to the config.json file made via the Configuration Editor are now saved in a separate userconfig.json file.

The new Studio release also includes new and enhanced Worker Objects:

  • Java Worker: This is a new Worker Object that allows you to invoke methods inside Java modules running on a background thread.
  • AWS Signature Version 4, a new authentication type in the HTTP Worker.
  • JavaScript Worker now supports ES Modules and CommonJS modules.

More power for your app development:

  • Remote Objects: You can now implement common code for both server and client methods.
  • SQL JavaScript Form Wizard: It now includes an option to create or open a database session and create the required schema classes (also available for Window and Report classes).
  • Markdown Object: This is a new control to render Markdown content in a JavaScript Remote Form or in Window classes as an HTML control.

Innovations for building attractive apps with improved usability and a better user experience

Omnis Studio 11.1 makes it even easier to build apps with a beautiful UI for any screen and device. It includes new features and enhancements that will enable you to build attractive, user-friendly apps:

  • Design Guides have been added to Remote Forms and Window classes to make your design and layout easier and more convenient.
  • Vertical Mode Tab Strip: You can arrange tabs in groups with enhanced appearance and behavior for tab groups and headings.
  • OBrowser: Support for content drag and drop has been added.
  • HTML Link: This is a new control to add links to a remote form.

Accessible Apps for Everyone

Digital accessibility means designing a product that can be used by all users – including not only people with physical disabilities, but also users with age-related limitations or temporary impairments (e.g. after sports injuries or accidents). Therefore accessibility in your applications is not a ‘nice to have’ but an important sales option and competitive advantage. And in large enterprises and public authorities it is simply a Must.

For several years Omnis Studio has supported WCAG 2.0 guidelines to fully support Accessibility. This has now been further enhanced by PDF Accessibility. PDF Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) is supported to make it easy for you to create universally accessible PDF documents.

Upgrade to Omnis Studio 11.1 Today

Omnis Studio 11.1 Rev 37255 is now available for download from our website. Here’s the link again:

Omnis Studio 11.1 requires new serial numbers. All customers currently supported under the ODPP or RMA can update to Studio 11.1 free of charge, and you should receive serial numbers and the latest downloads through the usual channels. Customers using Studio Now can use existing serial numbers and can download this latest revision from inside the Studio Browser.

Omnis developers not on ODPP or an annual support and maintenance program can upgrade to this new version by contacting their local sales team: