March 8, 2021 Andrew

New Patch Release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29538 is now available

We are delighted to let you know that the Patch Release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29538 is now available for all platforms. While the primary purpose of this free patch release is to provide essential, real-world bug fixes and adjustments to keep your Omnis Studio 10.2 software safe and fully optimized, it’s also an opportunity to add more functions and features. This revision includes some tweaks to the clipboard and tooltips features, as well as incremental improvements to toast messages and the find and replace utility. Elsewhere, there is extended macOS support (including Big Sur) and a new high-res chart feature to upgrade the display quality.

Innovations for building attractive apps with improved usability and a better user experience

The enhancements in Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29538 include:

  • Position Assistance
    When positioning objects in the center of a remote form, the Position Assistance feature now uses the center of the current layout breakpoint, not the center of the remote form design window as in previous versions.
  • Toast Messages
    The iStack parameter in the $showtoast method has a new option, kToastStackCenter, which allows you to stack toast messages in the center of the screen or application window.
  • Find and Replace
    When using Find and Replace, your found or replacement text is now highlighted in the Find and Replace log when the new Highlight Matches option is enabled.
  • Catalog
    You can now drag variables and other items from the Catalog to the Initial Value and Description fields in the variable pane of the method editor.
  • Clipboard Commands for Fields
    The clipboard menu items Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. are now available for all entry fields in the Omnis environment, such as in the Method Editor, and for Entry fields in your apps when you Right-click/Option-click on the field.
  • Tooltips
    You can now specify the maximum width for tooltips, used within the Omnis IDE, e.g. in the Property Manager, and for window controls in all but a few special cases. The max-width setting in the ‘tooltips’ section of the appearance.json file specifies the width in pixels.
  • High Resolution Charts
    The Graph2 component now draws charts in high resolution suitable for display on high resolution displays. In this instance, charts are generated at twice the size and displayed at the correct physical size on high resolution displays.

Big Sur Support

Big Sur Support

Omnis Studio 10.2 is fully supported on macOS 11 Big Sur. Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 28632 patch release (and above) is certified for use on the release version of Big Sur.

Window Refresh on macOS

The preventUpdateWithNoRefreshOn config.json item was introduced in Studio 10.1 Rev 29237 to handle window refresh on Big Sur, but this item has now been added to and modified for Studio 10.2. In Studio 10.1 Rev 29237 this property was only applicable when running on Big Sur, but on 10.2 Rev 29538 it applies to all versions of macOS, i.e. from 10.14 through to 11.x.

When preventUpdateWithNoRefreshOn is set to true and a window has set $norefresh to kTrue, this will prevent changes to the window hierarchy, e.g. adding fields, from causing a redraw to screen. The window changes will then be applied when $norefresh is set to kFalse.

This is a hidden property that needs to be explicitly added to the config file. It is set to false by default.

Bug Fixes

Patch Release Omnis Studio 10.2 Rev 29538 contains more than 180 bug fixes. Please see the Readme.txt file for details of bug fixes and any release notes for this patch.


The patch release is available for download on 1st March 2021 at

As a patch release, it is designed to run with existing Studio 10.2 serial numbers.

If you are still on Omnis Studio 8.1 or older, we strongly recommend you upgrade straight to version 10.2. For ODPP customers on Studio 10.1 or 10.0 the update to v10.2 is free of charge; customers outside the ODPP program can purchase updates to v10.2 with significant update discounts.

For any questions regarding updates and upgrades to Omnis Studio 10.2, please contact your local sales office by email, or go to our website: