July 12, 2021 Andrew

Move up to the latest Omnis Studio 10.2 – join the ODPP

Many Omnis developers are on the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) so they will receive the very latest version of Omnis Studio – the current version is Studio 10.2 and revision 30204, but about every quarter we release a new revision containing some enhancements and critical bug fixes. All developers on the ODPP will get all these updates, automatically, at no extra charge – in fact, being on the ODPP is the best way to manage your Omnis Studio development platform, and to stay completely up to date. In this blog post we look at the enhancements in Omnis Studio 10.2 (released in Nov 2020), and if you are still using Studio 8, or Studio 6 (or earlier) we hope to convince you to move up to the latest Omnis Studio – and join the ODPP.

Faster, easier development – better looking apps

The following is a summary of the enhancements added to Studio 10.2 to make app development and coding easier, and to dramatically improve the UI in your finished web and mobile applications, as well as improve your desktop apps.

  • New and enhanced JavaScript Controls, including the new JS Split Button control which provides multiple commands in a single button, plus enhancements to Edit Controls and Data Grids.
  • JavaScript Client Themes to manage colors in your app – a number of themes are included to suit different styles of app, or you can add your own – the colors used throughout your app are updated automatically when you change theme.
  • Animations and effects for a modern UX – JS components now respond to clicks with animated ‘burst’ highlighting and shadow effects to enhance the end-user experience, plus many have been improved for Touch devices.
  • Support for SVG icons that scale to fit the icon area, meaning a single icon can be used to cater to all devices and screen sizes, plus SVG icons can be ‘themed’ to match the colors in the current JS Theme.
  • Many new Window controls for desktop apps, including the new Token Entry Field (allows preset values, like an email To: field), the new Breadcrumb control (for graphical navigation), and enhancements to the Check Box control.
  • Side Panels for desktop apps, which are vertical panels that ‘pop out’ from the left or right side of a window containing clickable options or other content.
  • Toast Messages for desktop apps, which can contain useful Help information or Tips, or alerts and error messages for a better in-app experience.
  • Plus Position Assistance for better, easier design layout for your remote forms; the ability to edit code in the Remote Debugger; support for OpenAPI 3 in RESTful Web Services, adding to Swagger 2 support; Increased performance in the Linux Headless Server by switching to a MultiProcess server; and many more improvements.

Take advantage of the Developer Program

When you sign up to the ODPP you will get all the advantages of using Omnis Studio 10.2 (and subsequent revisions) immediately as they are released, together will all the other benefits which include:

  • Unlimited access to Technical Support
  • Access to all major and minor releases
  • Discounts on deployment licenses (web and desktop clients)
  • Access to Runtime Maintenance agreement to spread the cost of deployment
  • The ability to report and track faults, and access to Beta programs
  • Discounts on Consulting & training costs, plus free consultancy on higher levels

For more information about the Omnis Developer Partner Program and to start taking advantage of all the great technology in Omnis Studio 10.2 please see our website: www.omnis.net/developers/omnis-developer-partner-program

And for more info about the features and enhancements in Omnis Studio 10.2 take a look at this: www.omnis.net/platform/omnis-studio-10



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