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Learn Web & Mobile App Development for FREE in the Omnis Academy

If you are starting a new software application project soon and are looking for a development tool, or you are an existing Omnis developer looking to upgrade your skills to the latest version of Omnis Studio, then joining one our online courses in the Omnis Academy is the best place to start – and the great news is that all our online training courses are FREE, so no upfront costs and no obligation! But we’re sure, once you’ve seen Omnis in action, you’ll want to continue developing with Omnis Studio 10.2 – so we urge you to dive in.

We provide a very wide range of courses in the Omnis Academy, catering to all different levels of programmer, starting with our “Omnis Studio Basics” course for those who are new to application development or Omnis Studio itself, plus other courses looking at Database Connectivity, creating Mobile apps, creating a REST Service, building a Menu system, and so on. We advise you to take the “Basics” course first (next on July 6 & 12) and then move onto other topics that interest you, or will help you get started with your app development project.

Experienced & friendly trainers

Our trainers are very experienced in Omnis application development: Andreas Pfeiffer in our German office is a Senior consultant and has consulted for many leading companies in Europe on large Omnis development projects – plus he is a fluent German and English speaker, and plays lead guitar in a band so he likes being center stage! Jeramy Jeffereis in our New York office has a wealth of experience supporting our customers across North America. Depending on the course you book, you’ll get to meet one of these friendly guys, or one of our great Technical or Consulting staff. The courses are available in English and German, and in different time zones including CET and EDT – and we have courses in Italian and Spanish delivered by our Omnis partner Software Products Italia (SoftPI.com).

When are the next courses?

The following dates and online training courses are available over the coming few weeks:

22 June EN & DE (EU) Implementing a Menu system
June 24 EN (USA) Implementing a REST Service
29 June EN & DE (EU) Developing a Messenger App
June 30 EN (USA) Omnis Database Connectivity
July 6 EN (USA) Omnis Studio Basics
8 July EN & DE (EU) Omnis Database Connectivity
July 8 EN (USA) Develop Standalone Mobile Apps
12 July EN & DE (EU) Omnis Studio Basics
July 14 EN (USA) Developing a Messenger App

Register Now!!

For more information about our Online Training courses in the Omnis Academy and to register, please go to:

Choose your language (and location), then choose the course & date you want to attend, then please fill out your details – and someone from our Academy team will contact you.

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