Omnis Studio Online Training –
Efficient, convenient, easy to use

Tomnis academy logohe Omnis Academy provides high quality training courses in web and mobile application development. These courses are not simple e-learning but are provided by some of the lecturers and teachers who also have been holding our classroom courses since several years. And they are experienced developers and consultants. The training courses are an efficient and easy to use way of learning – not only in times of the Corona Virus.

All Omnis Online courses are free of charge.

Online Academy

We provide courses in English, Spanish and German. Please choose your preferred language and register on the next page.

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We currently provide 6 different video lessons which are not sequential, i.e. you can pick just the courses and subjects that you are particularly interested in. However, if you are completely new to Omnis Studio you should start with the Omnis Studio Basics course.Each course will take approx. 90 minutes. You can attend the courses from everywhere, you just need an internet connection. You don’t need to install any extra software.