August 9, 2021 Andrew

Learn JavaScript Web & Mobile App Development for Free with Omnis Studio

Mark the 18th of August in your diary.  That’s when we are running our Omnis Studio “Basics” online training course in 2 different languages, English and German, and across different time zones (CET and EDT) catering to as many customers & developers as possible across Europe and America. The “Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps” course (to give it its full title) is a FREE, online training course designed to introduce newcomers to application development, or show the benefits of using Omnis Studio to established app developers. So if you want to find out how to create Web & Mobile applications, quickly and easily, using a modern, powerful & flexible app development tool, like Omnis Studio, then you should sign up for our “Basics” online training course. And if you are an existing Omnis developer, perhaps still using Studio 6 or 8, or even Studio 10.0 or 10.1, then you should attend this course to find out about all the new features in Omnis Studio 10.2, including the enhancements in the IDE and the great new stuff for you to use in your application UI for end users (new JS components, animations, SVG icons, color themes, etc).

About the Basics course

The Omnis Studio “Basics” online course helps you get started with Omnis Studio, quickly and easily, and is built for beginners or those new to Omnis, or existing developers thinking of moving up to Studio 10.2. You will learn the HTML File structure required to build your JavaScript Web & Mobile apps, and the remote classes you will need (forms and tasks). During the 90 minute online course you can work through the steps needed, or you can just sit back and watch our expert trainers – you will create an example JavaScript remote form, containing different UI components, supporting different screen resolutions, suitable for display on Web or Mobile devices – all from one code base. Specific topics include:

  • Introduction to the Omnis Studio IDE
  • Getting to know the Omnis Studio folder structure
  • Starting a new project (create a new library)
  • Learning to design a responsive remote form
  • How to handle Events
  • Basics of Omnis notation (methods, properties, aka writing Omnis code)
  • Animation for UI objects
  • Sending messages
  • Client executed methods
  • CSS in Omnis & color themes

About the Trainers

Our trainers are very experienced in Omnis application development: Andreas Pfeiffer in our German office is a Senior consultant and has consulted for many leading companies in Europe on large Omnis development projects – plus he is a fluent German and English speaker (and plays lead guitar in a band, so he likes being centre stage!). Jeramy Jeffereis in our New York office has a wealth of experience supporting and consulting for our customers across North America. Depending on the course you book, you’ll get to meet one of these friendly guys, or one of our great Technical or Consulting staff. The Omnis Basics course (and the other 5 courses) are available in English and German, and in different time zones including CET and EDT (and BTW we do have courses in Italian and Spanish, delivered by our Omnis partner Software Products Italia

Booking & Course Schedule

So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn web & mobile app development, using a quick and easy tool (Omnis Studio), or you want to get up to speed with Omnis Studio 10.2 and the JavaScript Client, then we urge you to book the Basics course. Use the following link to register: choose your language/location (either EN-EU, DE, or EN-USA), then choose the “Basics” course title (“Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps“) & then the date, in this case 18 August 2021:

Along with the “Omnis Basics” course we run FIVE other courses (all free of charge), which dive deeper into all aspects of application design, including: Database Connectivity, Messenger Apps, Menu Systems, REST Web Services, and creating standalone Mobile Apps. These are available throughout August, with more dates scheduled in September, and you can book these in the same place (on the same training link). Here is the training schedule for August:

Date Language / Location Course Title / Topic
16 August EN-US Developing a Messenger App in Omnis Studio
18 August EN-US Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps
18 August  EN-EU Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps
18.08.2021 DE Omnis Studio Basics in der Entwicklung von Web- und Mobile Apps
23 August EN-EU Omnis Studio Database Connectivity
23.08.2021 DE Omnis Studio Datenbank-Connectivity
24 August EN-US Develop Standalone Mobile Apps
26 August EN-EU Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing a menu system
26.08.2021 DE Erweitern der Omnis App durch die Implementierung eines Menüsystems
27 August EN-EU Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing REST Service Client and Server
27.08.2021 DE Erweiterung von Omnis-Apps durch Implementierung von REST-Services (Client und Server)
31 August EN-EU Developing a Messenger App in Omnis Studio
31.08.2021 DE Entwicklung einer Messenger-App in Omnis Studio

We look forward to seeing you in the “Basics” course, or one of our other online training sessions. And here’s the registration link again:


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