August 8, 2022 Andrew

Omnis Studio 10.22 Rev 31664 – New Patch Release available

We are excited to announce that a new patch release Omnis Studio 10.22 Rev 31664 is now available. This revision includes a few small enhancements and essential, real-world bug fixes and adjustments to keep your Omnis Studio 10.2 software safe and fully optimized.

What’s new in Omnis Studio 10.22 Rev 31664?

  • JavaScript Components
    You can now add a Footer Row to a Data Grid which would allow you to display column totals, plus you can now set or read the filters in a Data grid dynamically in your code using a new $::filters property; there are new node actions for dynamic Tree Lists to UpdateIcon, Move, CollapseAndDiscard, and Reload; plus the new $choosefilesbuttontext property in JS File control to set the text on the ‘Choose Files’ button
  • PDF Printing
    On macOS, you can now specify a python binary to be used for PDF printing in the JS Client, rather than the bundled version, using a new ‘python’ item in the ‘macOS’ section of config.json
  • Window Components
    A new $disabledfocus property has been added to disable the focus in Tab panes; you can now use && to insert a literal ‘&’ in a menu title or menu line; plus new grid row focus alpha properties
  • Find and Replace
    There is a new config.json item findAndReplaceSelectsTopClass to select the top-most open class when the Find and Replace dialog comes to the front
  • Omnis Service
    Serialization errors are now sent to the Windows Application event log, and Omnis does not prompt for a serial number when running as a Service
  • Functions
    A new basecolor() function has been added to return the color disregarding the alpha value; plus a new iswindows11() function to detect Windows 11
  • HASH Worker Object
    Key length for HMAC hash generation in previous versions was restricted to 64 characters, but this restriction has been removed

Please note that Omnis Studio 10.22 Rev 31664 supports application development and deployment on macOS running natively on M1 and the new M2 (arm64), as well as Intel (x86_64) based Apple computers.

Please see the ‘Whatsnew1022.pdf’ for more details about the enhancements in this release, and see the Readme.txt file accompanying the release for details of bug fixes.


This patch release is now available for download at

As a patch release, it is designed to run with existing Studio 10.2 serial numbers.

If you are still on Omnis Studio 8.1 or older, we strongly recommend you upgrade straight to version 10.2. For Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) customers on Studio 10.1 or 10.0 the update to v10.2 is free of charge; customers outside the ODPP can purchase updates to v10.2 with significant update discounts.

For any questions regarding updates and upgrades to Omnis Studio 10.22, please contact your local sales office via our website:

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