July 3, 2023 Andrew

Dive Deep into Omnis with the Omnis Community: EurOmnis 2023 Conference

Every year the Omnis Community likes to gather all in one place to share knowledge, swap code and ideas, find out about all the latest developments in the latest Omnis Studio, meet old friends and new, and generally have a good time while diving deep into Omnis – if that all sound good, then read on!

Omnis Software has always supported its developer community, with a focus on its attendance at the annual developer conferences – we always send key staff to talk about the latest releases, like Omnis Studio 11 (released in May), and to share insights about our upcoming product and business plans. We are therefore delighted to support and attend EurOmnis 2023, which this year returns in October 2023 to The Netherlands.

Conference sessions and the agenda are being finalized as we speak, but it is guaranteed that there will be a vast array of in-depth Omnis related sessions, fascinating use case studies, and many chances to interact and swap knowledge with other developers in each session – these are not lectures, each session is a chance for you to delve deep into a topic and ‘learn by doing’ collaboratively many valuable coding skills and practices. This year, the organizers tell us, familiar speakers and new presenters have committed to 28 different topics, in all aspects of Omnis coding, database programming, testing & deployment, app development lifecycle, and many features in the very latest Omnis Studio version 11 – plus there is a ‘Studio 101’ track dedicated to newcomers to Omnis, so all levels of Omnis knowledge are catered to.

Learn about the JavaScript Client from an expert!

One confirmed speaker is long-term Omnis developer Jim Pistrang, who has been immersed in the Omnis world since 1990, providing Omnis training, analysis, and programming for large and small corporations, while developing client-server, ultra-thin, and JavaScript applications using Omnis. Jim has developed an extensive JavaScript Client web application that is used by many employees on iPads, has over 60 JavaScript client forms, extracting and updating data from 300 Postgres database tables.

Jim’s double session will help you understand a successful JavaScript Client architecture, including testing, web deployment, and debugging. Each session will be accompanied by a heavily commented, custom-built Omnis Studio 11 library, available to all EurOmnis attendees, that illustrates the session details.

About the Conference

The EurOmnis Conference 2023 will be held in Arnhem, in The Netherlands, a great location for developers to attend from all parts of Europe & further afield, with convenient transport links by road, train and air – Arnhem is only about an hour’s train ride from Schiphol international airport.

  • Date: Sunday Oct 22 – Friday Oct 27
  • Location: Hotel Klein Zwitserland – Arnhem, Netherlands
  • FOUR packed days and evening sessions
  • Multiple tracks for you to ‘compose’ your own conference
  • Keynote, Roadmap & Tech support Q&As by Omnis Software
  • Meet & greet buffet on Sunday evening October 22
  • Depart after breakfast Friday, October 27
  • Many ‘fringe’ events and plenty of discussion on Omnis from morning till night!
  • Cost: all conference sessions, meals, single room for only 1350 €

The EurOmnis conference is a community event, and is organized by an enthusiastic team of Omnis developers, who combined have many decades of development and business experience of using Omnis Studio – we would like to thank the team: Doug Easterbrook, Gavin Foster, Mike Matthews, and Rob Mostyn and wish them every success with EurOmnis 2023. This will be a highlight in the Omnis calendar, so we strongly encourage you to check out the details of this year’s conference and sign up as soon as possible.

More details and registration are on the EurOmnis website: www.omnisworld.co.uk

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