November 6, 2023 Andrew

Omnis Studio 10.22 Patch Release Now Available

We are delighted to announce that the Omnis Studio 10.2 Patch Release – Revision 32066 – is available. It adds support for macOS Sonoma, further improves the security of deployed libraries, and provides you with a few smaller enhancements in the JavaScript components plus several bug fixes.

Valuable Feature Enhancements

Among the new features and enhancements in Revision 32066 are the following:

  • macOS Sonoma Support
    Omnis Studio 10.22 now fully supports macOS Sonoma, ensuring that you can seamlessly run your Omnis applications on the latest Apple operating system.
  • Class Locking and Library Conversion
    In order to enhance the integrity and security of deployed Omnis Studio libraries, the mechanism used to lock classes in a private library has changed in Omnis Studio 10.22 Revision 32066. Consequently, all libraries opened in Omnis Studio 10.22 revision 32066 will require conversion, including libraries created with all prior revisions of Omnis Studio 10.22 – the library conversion process is irreversible; therefore you should make a secure backup of all libraries before opening them in Omnis Studio 10.22 Revision 32066.
  • JavaScript Components
    You can now long press on the Previous or Next arrow buttons on a List pager to jump to the start or end of the list pages.
    In addition, you can now specify the row when setting the $nexttabobject property to a Complex Grid child.
  • Functions
    The function sys(256) has been added to return the maximum server license count, and sys(257) to return the current number of server licenses in use.
  • SMTP Worker Object
    A new property $allowpathinuri has been added to the SMTP Worker object to allow a path in the URI.

Bug Fixes

Our team has been hard at work addressing your feedback and diligently fixing bugs to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with Omnis Studio. Please see the Readme.txt file accompanying the release for details of bug fixes in this release.

Download the Patch

If you are a current Omnis Studio 10.2 user, we recommend downloading this patch release to take advantage of the new features and improvements. The new revision 32066 of Omnis Studio 10.22 is a free patch release and available to download from the Omnis website:

Upgrade Now to Omnis Studio 11!

Please note that this latest Revision 32066 will be the last patch release of Omnis Studio 10. So if you are not yet using Omnis Studio 11, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the power and versatility of the latest version of our development platform.

For information about the power and features of version 11 please go to our website

Or register for the Omnis Studio 11 Trial version free of charge at

For any questions about this release or for upgrading to Omnis Studio 11, please contact your local sales office via our contact page: