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Omnis is Trusted by Application Developers All Around the World: Focus on Logistics & Finance

Omnis Studio is trusted by Web and Mobile application developers all around the world to deliver mission-critical projects quickly and at a lower cost when compared to many other tools. And we have numerous real-life case studies from customers that demonstrate this, in pretty much every sector in the business world, as well as public administration and the community-based sector, including such vertical markets as Heathcare, Logistics, Finance, Education & others – while Omnis apps also feature in generalized software categories such as CRM, ERP, Project Management, and Facilities management.

Omnis developers in The Arts, Retail, and Legal Services have found great success, but this article concentrates on some great Omnis Case Studies we have made of developers who operate in Logistics and Finance. 

Success in Logistics and Finance

Developers who cater to the Logistics & Finance market have found great success using Omnis, increasingly with Web-based, Mobile and Hybrid solutions, so we would like to feature a few of our case studies here.

  • Fast Logistics/daco (Switzerland) – a logistics solution for the complete management of warehousing, freight forwarding, distribution, customs, and stock control used by companies in Switzerland, Germany and across Europe. Read more:
  • Catalina Software (UK) – the Freedom solution is a specialized logistics package tailored to the same-day courier and chauffeur industries, including functions for job booking & scheduling, driver communication and payment, vehicle tracking, and client invoicing. Read more:
  • Mophilly Technology (USA) – the Pops Royalty Manager solution is for managing lease and royalty paperwork for owners of minerals, oil and gas rights in real estate across America; Mophilly also provides application development and technology transformation management services. Read more:
  • Xchanging/DXC (UK) – a solution for managing billions of pounds worth of reinsurance transactions carried out by the London insurance markets, predominantly for Lloyd’s Syndicates and large corporations. Read more:

More Case Studies

We have over 30 case studies on the Omnis website covering every market sector, from developers in Europe, North America and other parts of the world, so we urge you to check them out – we feel sure that if you are evaluating Omnis Studio and read about the successes developers have found using Omnis, then you will want to start your next development project or start-up business using Omnis Studio: 

After visiting this page you can click on a Sector tag (e.g. Logistics) to filter the list, to show only those case studies for your chosen sector.

Omnis Studio Community Edition

If you would like to try Omnis Studio now, and start you web or mobile application development project straight away, you can download the Omnis Studio Community Edition which is completely free of charge. Register for it here:

The Community Edition is a great choice for start-ups and for developers who want to develop their first projects with Omnis Studio or work on an app for a small group of users. You can build several mobile and/or web apps with the Community Edition, but free deployment is limited to 5 concurrent users. If your apps are successful and you want to deploy them to a larger number of users you can upgrade to the Omnis Studio Professional Edition. The Community Edition includes free Tech Support via email, and free Training in the Omnis Academy:

Omnis White Paper

If you are evaluating Omnis or are on a general search for application development tools, then allow us to recommend you read our white paper that explores: “Choosing the right App Development Software for Start-ups: Key criteria for your decision-making.” In the white paper we examine key criteria that influence your choice of application development software including: 1. How much flexibility does the development system allow? 2. How fast and productive is the app development? 3. Does the development software support rapid prototyping? 4. Scalability – does the software support your planned growth? And several other criteria… If you would like a FREE copy of our white paper, then please visit the Omnis website and register your interest:

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