July 24, 2023 Andrew

Create Web and Mobile apps in record time, for free, with the Omnis Studio Community Edition

Omnis Studio allows you to create apps for the web and mobile in record time, and with fewer resources, and now with the Omnis Studio Community Edition you can start building now, for free! You can create an app on one platform, and deploy it to any other, without modifying the code or recompiling the code – the project library you create in Omnis Studio can be deployed to all iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Windows and macOS desktops, making it easier to create and maintain.

The Community Edition is free, forever

You can start straight away with the Omnis Studio Community Edition by downloading it now, for free. And when you have created your app, and you’re ready to deploy it to end users, you can use the free 5 user license – there really are no hidden fees, no credit card required, and no time limits – it’s yours to use for free for the lifetime of your app. So, it’s a great choice for start-ups and for developers who want to develop their first projects with Omnis Studio or work on an app for a small group of users. If your app is successful and you want to deploy it to a larger number of users, you can upgrade to the Omnis Studio Professional Edition, reusing your project library files without change.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get Started with Omnis Studio Community Edition today – you’ll get your first app built in a few hours or days. Find out more and download it here: www.omnis.net/community-edition

Take advantage of free Training and Support

Not only are the development and deployment tools with the Omnis Studio Community Edition free to use, but we also provide you with free Training and Support by email while you create your app and get your project up and running. Our Tech support is provided by experienced Omnis support engineers and developers, and we will always try to respond to your technical queries as soon as we can.

In addition to free support, you also get free online training in the Omnis Academy. Every week we host online classes covering a broad range of app development topics, to help you get started on your app project and to add powerful features, like database connectivity or web services. When you are new to Omnis, then the “Basics” course is the best place to start – these are held every two weeks or so in English and German, and cater to developers in different time zones, in Europe and North America.

So after downloading the Omnis Studio Community Edition, look up the courses available in the Omnis Academy, and sign up today: www.omnis.net/developers/online-training

Live Intro sessions

Plus every month we host a free Live Intro Session for the Omnis Studio Community Edition, to introduce the offering and show you how easy it is to create apps with Omnis Studio – look up the next available sessions in the next few weeks: www.omnis.net/community-edition-intro

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