May 12, 2023 Andrew

Meet Omnis Studio Version 11 – for faster and more intuitive app development

We released the all NEW Omnis Studio version 11 on May 10, the latest and most powerful version of our cross-platform application development tool. With a completely redesigned user interface and IDE and with many new UI controls, this version will enable you to develop beautiful, engaging, and high-quality applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms more quickly and easily than ever before.

Omnis Studio 11 - Studio Browser

Our goal is to provide you with the most intuitive, user-friendly, and powerful tools for application development, and Omnis Studio version 11 delivers on that promise. With the new interface, you can create applications faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money. The new Studio IDE, new JS components, and enhanced design tools & editors make it easy to build stunning and engaging user interfaces that will enhance the user experience.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences 

We are living in an era of customer centricity. A modern, appealing UI and an engaging customer experience are key factors for the success of an application. Therefore Omnis Studio 11 provides many new and enhanced UI controls for mobile, web and desktop that power the design of your apps including:

  • Tile Grid –  a new JS component that displays a scrollable grid of “tiles” which can be configured to show images, text and buttons
  • Chart  –  a new JS component that allows you to create different types of charts from list data to display in a remote form.
  • Gauge – a new JS component that provides a way to display numerical values on a circular or linear scale, with options to customize the appearance and behavior.

Omnis Studio 11 - Tile Grid

Many other important enhancements

Many new UI components have been added, plus hundreds of new features & enhancements, including:

  • JS Camera control
    A new JS Camera control allows the end user to capture images or scan QR codes and barcodes.
  • OW3 Worker enhancements
    The LDAP Worker has been added to the OW3 group of worker objects. The Python Worker has been added to the OW3 group of worker objects
  • System Notifications
    Omnis can now send notifications to the operating system on the end user’s computer, on both Windows 10/11 and macOS; notifications will pop up on the end user’s screen and are added to the Notification Center for the current operating system
  • Spell Checking
    Omnis now checks spelling in text in end user apps, as it is entered in desktop forms
  • User Constants
    allow you to define constants in a new User Constants class for use in your methods and expressions
  • Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) / Two factor authentication (2FA)
    Two new functions have been added to the OW3 package to generate and validate Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTPs).
    There is a new external called OIMAGE that contains a set of static functions that allow you to resize JPG and PNG image files or perform various transformations on the images including rotation and flipping or automatically generate QR codes.
  • Omnis VCS API
    Some functions within the Omnis Version Control System (VCS) have been exposed via API calls, to allow developers to interact with the VCS or its contents programmatically; so developers can logon or logoff, list VCS projects and their status, check out or check in classes, and build projects using the new VCS API method calls.
  • PDF/A Level 2 and 3 Support
    for archiving PDF documents

Take a Look for yourself

We would like you to try out the new Omnis Studio 11, so visit our website and download the 90-day free Trial version of the Professional Edition, or you can download the free Community Edition, which provides all the tools you need to build a web or mobile application and free deployment licenses. If you have questions about Omnis Studio 11, upgrading to the new version, Omnis subscriptions & pricing, or for anything else, then please contact your local Sales office – we have offices in Germany, France, UK, North America, and partners in other parts of the world. Go to:


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