October 31, 2022 Andrew

Omnis Studio Community Edition: develop your web or mobile app now – for free!

We are so excited to release the free-of-charge Omnis Studio Community Edition! This ground-breaking initiative aims to attract more developers to Omnis Studio and grow the Omnis developer community.

With the Community Edition, developers can program their first JavaScript web and mobile apps with Omnis Studio with no risk and no cost, and explore its performance, productivity, and flexibility in practice.

Scope of functions of the Community Edition

The Community Edition developer license allows developers to use our flagship app development tool with absolutely no strings attached – a genuine time-unlimited offer, which even includes free support and free deployment to up to 5 concurrent users. While using the Community Edition, developers and their teams can make use of high-quality technical support, and also access free training via the Omnis Academy, with live online training sessions or step-by-step videos. The Community Editions features:

  • full stack development of web and mobile apps
  • on Windows and macOS
  • for both iOS and Android
  • data access modules for PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • for multiple apps
  • 5 concurrent user licenses included
  • free tech support by email included
  • free training in the Omnis Academy

The free Omnis Studio Community Edition is available now at: www.omnis.net/community-edition/

All-in-one package for full stack development

Omnis Studio Community Edition is an all-in-one package designed for full stack development. So you won’t have to deploy other products and technologies (editors, frameworks, frontend dev tools, debuggers, compilers etc.) which means far fewer new learning curves and no risk of unexpected support and compatibility issues.

Ultimate flexibility

With the features now available in the free Community Edition you can build multiple user-friendly and customer-focused web and mobile apps for Android and iOS, all from the same code base. You can develop on Windows or macOS, or even on both, to realize your design objectives and meet client demands. Without any changes or modifications, these apps can then be deployed across all platforms (Android, iOS, plus Windows & MacOS desktops) and will function on all devices (mobile, web and desktop).

Rapid development

Working with a powerful, high-productivity software environment optimized for rapid development, such as Omnis Studio Community Edition, you can drastically cut the time to market. This alone potentially saves both money and resources for developers, and of course for clients too!

So are you ready to get started today?

We invite you to download the free Omnis Studio Community Edition today, so you can start building apps now, free of charge and without risk. Full product details, comprehensive FAQs, plus quick and easy registration are here:  www.omnis.net/community-edition/

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