September 14, 2023 Andrew

More flexibility, more options: NEW CommunityPro Edition and Omnis Store

Attracting new developers with free Community Edition and the new CommunityPro Edition

In autumn last year we introduced the free Community Edition developer license which has been attracting a large number of developers to test and see how fast you can develop business apps with Omnis Studio. Now we are providing flexible licensing and pricing that allows developers to start free and scale as they grow:

  • We have introduced a new developer license called CommunityPro Edition. Like the free Community Edition it enables developers to build web and mobile apps with a PostgreSQL backend. It is the next step for developers who successfully created their first Omnis app(s) with the free Community Edition and deployed them to five users free of charge.
    With a CommunityPro Edition you can purchase as many client licenses as you want when your user base grows. This developer edition is available as a monthly subscription which includes updates and upgrades and basic support.
  • Another element of flexibility is the introduction of license subscription for the Professional Edition as an alternative option to the lifetime license. Just like with the Professional Edition lifetime license you can build desktop, web and mobile apps, make use the VCS and all DAMs to almost any database. You can chose between monthly payments and annual payments (with a discount of 20%) and there is no minimum term. Updates and upgrades and basic support (email only) are included.

Learn more about these plans and compare details at:

Omnis Client License subscription

Equally important, we are now providing subscription models for client licenses – for runtimes, web and mobile licenses. It is our target to support all your different business models and deployment options. So for each of your existing or new projects and for each of your clients you can now choose between (monthly or annual) subscription or lifetime licenses. As explained above for the developer licenses, client license subscriptions include updates and upgrades (so no additional Runtime Maintenance Service purchase is required) and there is no minimum term.

These different licensing options both for developer and for client licenses allow developers and companies considerably more flexibility to decide the best option for each project and business case.

New Omnis Online Store

And we launched a new Omnis Online Store: Here, you can compare subscription plans, register for the free Community Edition, or purchase other Omnis Studio developer licenses. This is also the portal to access additional tech support and a comprehensive range of professional services including the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP).

What does this mean for you as a long-term Omnis customer?

Because of the introduction of subscription models, we are also launching a new price list so everyone can choose between purchasing a perpetual license or monthly/annual subscriptions. These new subscription options can also be applied to existing developer and client licenses.

Nevertheless, your existing licensing models will be grandfathered. So there will be no need for changes to your purchase and retail prices.

However, if you want to experience the new licensing options and subscription prices, or wish to take advantage of some of these new options, you can of course switch to include them at any time. Please talk to us to determine the best-fit solution for your current requirements. We will be more than happy to provide you with a custom quote that matches your exact needs. Find your local sales team here:

We wish you lots of fun and success with Omnis Studio 11!