August 11, 2023 Andrew

Join the Omnis Community Forum – Your Gateway to All Things Omnis!

The Omnis Community Forum is a vibrant hub where developers like you come together to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Omnis world. If you haven’t already joined, here’s why you should be a part of this thriving community:

1. Stay Informed with Omnis News:

In the News section of the forum, you’ll find all the latest information and announcements related to Omnis Studio. Be the first to know about new features, product releases, and valuable tips to enhance your development process. Our team frequently shares insightful articles and tutorials to help you make the most of Omnis Studio’s capabilities.

2. Engage and Connect in the Forums:

The heart of our community lies in the Forums section, where developers from all walks of life come together to discuss ideas, ask questions, and seek help. Have a technical query, looking for advice, or simply want to share your expertise? The Forums are the perfect place to engage with fellow developers and gain valuable insights from experienced users.

3. Shape the Future with Ideas and Enhancements:

Your feedback matters to us, and the Ideas section in the community forum is the platform to voice your suggestions and enhancement requests. Share your ideas for new features, improvements, and enhancements that you’d like to see in future Omnis Studio releases. Not only can you post your ideas, but you can also vote on ideas shared by other developers, shaping the direction of Omnis Studio’s evolution. To date, several ideas or requests have been implemented in Omnis Studio 11, including a new Python worker object and the new User Constants class.

4. Access Important Resources:

The Resources section is a treasure trove of essential materials, presentations from the latest Omnis events and conferences, and tools to support your Omnis Studio development journey. This includes technical presentations from our most recent Developer Conferences about the latest features in Omnis Studio 11 and great talks from top guest speakers; Open Source code samples and libraries that you can download and reuse in your projects; Video Tutorials covering installation, connecting to a SQL database, tips on how to write and debug Omnis code, and all about Table classes.

How to Join the Omnis Community Forum:

  1. Sign Up: If you haven’t already, head  to and create your Omnis Community Forum account.
  2. Explore and Participate: Once you’re in, take a tour of the various sections, read through the discussions, and contribute your voice to the community. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, your input is valuable to us and others.
  3. Connect and Learn: Connect with like-minded developers, share your knowledge, and learn from the experiences of others. The Omnis Community Forum is a space where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.

We’re Here to Empower You!

At Omnis Software, we believe in empowering our developers, and the Omnis Community Forum is a testament to that belief. Join our growing community today and be a part of a network that fosters innovation, creativity, and continuous learning.

Thank you for choosing Omnis Studio. Together, let’s build a community that thrives on collective growth and success!

Happy coding and see you on the forum! Here’s the link again: