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The Challenge:

It’s more important than ever to leap ahead in business, to provide a constant stream of new & innovative products and services, and to drive business growth. Information Technology plays a huge role in the success of a business, and increasingly the transformation from adopting new technology can mean the difference between make or break – and with the Covid pandemic, this has come into even sharper focus as businesses need to change, adapt, and transform their operations to survive and thrive.

In order to execute a technology transformation strategy, businesses need a partner they can rely on for the development and execution of that strategy. Mophilly Technology Inc. has a long track record of being just that reliable & mission-critical partner for hundreds of businesses across North America for over 20 years.

The Solution

As well as providing application development & technology strategy services to businesses, Mophilly has created an enviable suite of applications that they customize for their customers or provide to other software developers.

Among their many products & software solutions there is the Pops Royalty Manager for managing lease and royalty paperwork that comes with owning minerals, oil and gas rights in real estate – Pops Royalty Manager serves a unique market of approximately 12 million land owners, located in largely rural parts of the United States. Now at version 4 of “Pops”, Mophilly has recently upgraded the foundation of this successful app to the latest version of the Omnis development kit, Omnis Studio 10, and has gained a wealth of experience in the migration process along the way.

With the Pops Royalty Manager, the target market includes a large number of micro and small businesses. These customers often have no IT staff and little understanding of software applications. Omnis Studio takes a lot of the complexity out of deployment and support. Further, Omnis Software provides excellent support; they are timely and helpful.

Mophilly is now keen to bring this experience to other developers and businesses looking to transform their business operations, in these testing times, when the need for digital transformation and automation is more important than ever.

Everything is mobile these days. Even desktop apps use the internet to share and gather data. With a complement of tools and foundational classes for web, mobile, and desktop applications, and database connections, Omnis Studio allows for a great level of data and method abstraction.




The Company

Mophilly Technology is a full-service design/build software consultancy that builds bespoke business software, connecting big data and desktop to mobile, and provides hosting and technical support for healthcare, transportation, global manufacturing, accounting, inventory, and other applications. Since 1998, Mophilly has been building effective software solutions for clients who rely on database driven applications and customizations to suit their needs. Mophilly strives to develop relationships with their clients, understanding their business needs and operations, working with them to plan, develop, deploy and support solutions for them. Mophilly’s client list includes large corporations such as Lockheed-Martin, Apple Inc. and Hanesbrands, Inc. as well as small and medium sized companies with unique software needs to support their businesses.

Mophilly Technology Inc. is primarily an expert in software development but offers a range of services to devise your technology migration strategy, build the necessary software and infrastructure, and to help companies along the digital transformation path. Omnis Studio has been central to their product development capabilities, and over the years Mophilly has given valuable advice on the further development of Omnis Studio, has been a keen participant in the Omnis community, and a constant attendee at Omnis developer conferences in Europe and America.

Why Omnis

“Omnis Studio 10 is a solid platform for building a robust solution; one that uses the internet, but also needs to cater to desktops on all platforms and devices. The tool set is feature rich and technically deep, with support for modern protocols and visual effects, mobile and desktop applications, including the latest MacOS 10, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Omnis Studio version 10 allows us to get things done quickly and efficiently,” Mark Phillips, President and Chief Software Architect, Mophilly Technology Inc.

“Choosing a development tool requires time working with it. Over the years I have delved deeply into several tool sets. Javascript, python, c++ and c#, for example, are capable tools but require a solid development infrastructure for a project. Omnis is largely self-contained, and therefore makes it easy to produce functional prototypes quickly. More to the point, the time to complete a functional project is significantly less using Omnis Studio. Time is key to client satisfaction and project success.”
“Applications today are quite complex even when they appear to be simple. Integration with disparate systems is a typical requirement. Omnis Studio provides support for many common protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and other web services, as well as json, xml, and similar data structures.”

If you want to talk about upgrading your app to Omnis Studio 10, or to discuss how Mophilly can help you with your digital transformation, automation or migration strategy, then please get in contact with Mophilly.

Mark Phillips
President and Chief Software Architect, Mophilly Technology Inc.

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