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Pratteln, Schweiz

The Solution

FASTLOGISTICS is a successful quality solution for the logistics market, developed by daco systems ag, based in Switzerland. The fully integrated order management system with the individually applicable modules FASTLOGISTICS BASIS, TRANSPORT, ZOLL (Customs) and LAGER (Stock) is based on the latest Omnis technology. The Omnis Studio development environment allows daco systems to offer high-quality, integrated web, mobile and cross-platform functions for their software solutions.

Proof of its flexibility is the application FASTLOGISTICS LAGER, since it adapts flexibly to the size and requirements of the customer. All warehouse logistics processes can be managed and controlled as required.

FASTLOGISTICS is used by many international logistics service providers in Switzerland, Germany and other countries who manage large quantities, complex shipments or smaller standard deliveries, just in time and on a daily basis. Thanks to its multi-client, error-free capability and user-friendly operation, customer orders can be processed quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

With the relational capabilities in Omnis, daco systems dynamically supplements the application with further modular solutions. The customer decides how they want to optimize their processes and logistics. The integration of the modules ZOLL (Customs) and TRANSPORT with the module LAGER (Stock) enables, for example, an efficient, optimized supply chain.

The global service provider Rhenus Logistics successfully uses the FASTLOGISTICS solution in various locations in Switzerland. They use it to control transport and customs clearance, the management of complex goods and forwarding warehouses, order-related storage and retrieval functions, and inventory management at the load carrier level.

Thanks to sophisticated warehouse logistics and efficient material flow, Rhenus Logistics can reduce the lead times of its customers’ orders, reduce costs, systematically optimize processes and therefore gain additional market advantages.


Fast Logistics Omnis Case Study

Case Study Fast Logistics

The Company

daco systems ag has been developing software solutions for international and national forwarding agencies, transporters and logistics companies since 1992. Customer-specific solutions and IT services complement their successful, standards oriented products. The owner-managed daco systems ag has twelve employees and two trainees at its headquarters in Pratteln near Basel (Switzerland) and daco systems europe gmbh in Ratingen (Germany).

Why Omnis

“Omnis Studio follows a modular philosophy, which is similar to daco systems. The powerful relational capabilities in Omnis allow us to build many of our projects using a dynamic modular system that works seamlessly within FASTLOGISTICS applications. Omnis provides our developers with an excellent working environment and helps to increase our productivity, while optimizing time and resources. This allows us to meet the high demands of our customers domestically and abroad and to set new trends in our industry.”

Daniel Wartenweiler
CEO daco systems ag

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