Omnis Studio 11 Rev 35659 Patch Release Available

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the latest patch release for Omnis Studio 11 – Revision 35659! Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this new patch release:

macOS Sonoma Support
Omnis Studio 11 now fully supports macOS Sonoma, ensuring that you can seamlessly run your Omnis applications on the latest Apple operating system.

Feature Enhancements
The following enhancements have been added to revision 35659 of Omnis Studio 11 improving the security of deployed libraries and enhancing the JavaScript and Window components:  

  • Class Locking and Library Conversion for Increased Security 
    In order to enhance the integrity and security of deployed Omnis Studio libraries, the mechanism used to lock classes in a private library has changed in revision 35659. Consequently, all libraries opened in Omnis Studio 11 revision 35659 will require conversion, including libraries created with all prior revisions of Omnis Studio 11 – the library conversion process is irreversible; therefore you should make a secure backup of all libraries before opening them in Omnis Studio 11 Revision 35659.  

  • JavaScript Components 
    All JS Camera events now have an additional pError param which reports any possible errors.  
    Two new properties $choosefilesbuttontextpos and $choosefilesiconid have been added to the JS File component to allow more control over how the UI is displayed in Upload mode of the control.  
    A new property $reordermode has been added to the JS Native List component to allow end users to reorder rows within the list.  

  • Window Components 
    A new event evColumnDividerMoved has been added to the Complex Grid control to report when a grid divider has been dragged.  
    The $splitbuttonbars property has been added to Toolbar classes to allow you to split radio button groups into individual button items.  
    Support for the ‘use-mock-keychain’ CEF switch has been added to the “obrowser” section of the Omnis Configuration file (config.json) to manage the Chromium Safe Storage Prompt shown when using oBrowser on macOS.  

  • Omnis Environment 
    A new item called monitorDockKeyEventsInfoPrompt has been added to the “macOS” section of the Configuration file (config.json) to manage the Keystroke Receiving Prompt on macOS.  

  • OW3 Worker Objects 
    The $oauth2state property has been added to the OAUTH2 Worker Object to allow you to append custom content to the state query string parameter.  
    Also a new property $allowpathinuri has been added to the SMTP Worker Object to allow a path in the URI.  

  • Functions 
    We added a new parameter wCenterImg to the OIMAGE.$makeqrcode function to allow you to add an icon image to the center of the generated QR code.  
    A new parameter asnumber has been added to the rnd() function to force Omnis to return a Number, rather than a Character value.  
    You can now return a reference to the field under the mouse in a Complex grid using a new parameter tablefield with the mouseover() function.  
    The $filepath property has been added to the FileOps object to allow you to obtain a path to the file associated with the object.  

  • Online Documentation 
    All the enhancements in Revision 35659 of Omnis Studio (and the previous revision 35439) are highlighted in yellow in the online documentation to show you what has been added.  

Bug Fixes
We have resolved several issues reported by our dedicated user community to provide you with the most stable and reliable development environment. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us make Omnis Studio the best it can be. We are confident that this patch release will enhance your Omnis Studio experience.

Download Omnis Studio 11 Rev 35659
If you are a current Omnis Studio 11 user, we recommend updating to take advantage of the new features and improvements. If you are not yet using Omnis Studio 11, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the power and versatility of our development platform.

To get started with the new patch release, please visit our website and download the update at

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