Open Source

Omnis Studio Repo

Omnis Software has a repository on Github for hosting components such as JavaScript controls that plug into Omnis Studio.

Omnis Developer Open Source Projects

The following links are to open source projects and repositories created by Omnis developers which may interest you. Please email if you want to be included on this list. (See the general disclaimer at the foot of this page.)

The project is a collaborative project brought to you by Omnis developers Alex Clay and Henk Noppe, and contains a wealth of advice about getting started on Github and contributing to Omnis libraries and projects already on Github.

Suran Systems (suransys)

Henk Noppe (Frogli)

Brainy Data (BrainyData)

Brainy Data (Michael Monschau) Omnis 7 and Studio Components.

Stephan Wüseke (stew42)

Francisco Ramos (framosmu)

David McKeone (dmckeone)

Bastiaan Olij (BastiaanOlij)

Arts Management Systems Ltd (artsman)

Paul Mulroney (pmulroney)

Graeme Reid (graemereid)