Free Omnis Studio 11 Patch Release 36251 Is Here

We are excited to announce that a new Omnis Studio 11 Patch Release – Revision 36251 – is available, and it provides you with important bug fixes and also several feature enhancements augmenting your app development even further. Among the fixes and enhancements are the following:

  • Window Components
    Screen Report Fields
    The $print() method has been enhanced allowing you to print from a Screen Report field to a PDF file.
  • JavaScript Components
    JS Data Grid
    Custom Picklists
    A new client-executed method $getpicklist() has been added to the Data grid control to allow picklist columns to be specified per row.  
  • JavaScript Remote Forms
    Using a Promise with Client Commands
    Various “message” type client commands now return a JavaScript promise when the methods are executed on the client. 
  • The Omnis Environment
    Spell Checking
    Words can now be added or removed from the custom dictionary when using spell checking for window fields in end user apps, and when using the Code Editor during development.  
  • Save Window Setup and Omnis Preferences
    The position information saved for various screens in the IDE has been moved from omnis.cfg to a new file called positions.cfg. Please note you cannot edit positions.cfg or omnis.cfg. 
  • Debugging Methods
    Method Stack Limit
    A new item ‘stackLimit’ has been added to the “default” section of the Omnis configuration file (config.json) that allows you to set the limit on the number of methods allowed on the method stack.  
  • OW3 Worker Objects
    Hash Worker Object
    The $initverifysignature() method has been added to the Hash Worker Object to allow you to verify the RSA signature from $initsignature  
  • Functions
    FileOps Workers
    Three new Worker Objects have been added to the FileOps external component to allow you to Copy, Move or Delete files asynchronously if required – in essence they work the same as their equivalent FileOps functions that can operate on a separate thread.  

Please see the Readme.txt file accompanying the patch release for details of bug fixes in rev 36251.

Upgrade Now and Unleash the Full Potential of Omnis Studio 11! 

The new revision 36251 of Omnis Studio 11 is a free patch release and available to download from the Omnis website

For any questions about this release or for upgrading to Studio 11, please contact your local Omnis Software sales team.

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