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Do you have an idea on how we can make Omnis Studio even better?

Welcome to the Omnis Studio Ideas area, a space where the developer community shares and votes for ideas related to Omnis. If you have a feature idea for Omnis please post it here. If it is a feature that is missing or an enhancement for something that already exists or whether there is something more difficult than it should be: Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you.

And please vote for ideas you would also like to see in Omnis and/or add comments to ideas other developers posted.

Your proposals and votes can help to further improve Omnis Studio so we will evaluate the ideas posted here carefully.
Please note that this area is for information and discussion purposes only. Omnis Software does not promise to implement the ideas proposed here, but we will monitor this area regularly and will comment on ideas from time to time and add our view or plans on certain ideas.

If you want to post an idea

  • Please select a Tag from the list below and
  • Include a headline,
  • A description of your idea and
  • Why it is important for you.
  • It would also be very helpful if you could add an explanation of the use case or business problem you want to solve.

Please note that Omnis Software can use the ideas posted in this area for any purpose and in any way.

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