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Omnis enables rapid mobile app development in Covid 19 pandemic
to support general practitioners

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The Challenge:

As their patients move through the health system, and especially when they leave hospital to continue their care at home, all medical professionals share two primary aims:

1) to maintain the quality and consistency of patient treatment;

2) to optimise the progress of patient recovery.

Achieving these twin goals depends so much on timely access to accurate data. And whilst most organisations now rely on stored digital data rather than written records, the capacity of digital health networks to function and respond rapidly and efficiently can still vary immensely. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated just how important it can be to have regional health macrosystems operating to their full potential, so that even those who rely on remote access still receive the levels of care and protection a 21st-century, digitalised health service should be able to deliver. This was precisely the challenge facing health care providers in Italy’s Marche Region.

The Solution

About You is a brand new, web-enabled app from Italian tech healthcare specialists BiMind. Created via the Omnis Studio platform, this app facilitates system-wide monitoring, as well as the supporting and sharing of health data between patients and their primary caregivers, plus those health professionals and others more broadly responsible for maintaining the highest standards of patient care. And in this present era of social distancing and restricted contact with patients, the About You app can also alert clinicians about patients with a suspected Covid-19 infection.

An important must-have feature of the app design specification was the ability to continuously connect, consult and interact with a variety of users, platforms and devices across the entire Marche healthcare ecosystem. Fortunately, BiMind’s designers chose to work with Omnis Studio 10 development tools, a software environment which guarantees total network compatibility and facilitates seamless cross-platform access and connectivity. Being able to match this core requirement at a very early stage thus left BiMind’s team well placed to focus on the About You app’s functionality and shape the detail of the anticipated user experience.

For Marche’s healthcare professionals, About You has delivered an intuitive tool which supports and significantly upgrades their capacity to deliver comprehensive patient care. They can instantly call up and share information with patients, access the results of external clinical investigations, send appointment reminders, remotely monitor a patient’s clinical status and response to home therapies, consult with and update the respective GP about patient progress, and much more.

For patients and their primary carers, the new About You app is as much about safety and reassurance as it is about access to health information. From the comfort of their own home, patients can now actively participate in the management of their health, access information 24/7 from any device, and make direct contact with their own medical and nursing teams. Beyond communication channels, those who rely upon portable monitoring systems can also be linked to the About You app via a Bluetooth connection, a feature sure to make any patient feel much safer and more positive about their care.

The Company

Located in the town of Jesi in the Marche region, Italian IT company BiMind have 20 years of healthcare sector expertise – a profile which surely made them the ideal partner for this project. Working closely with companies and medical professionals on projects in this specialist field from the very beginning has given the BiMind team valuable insights. This background experience has clearly informed and inspired their vision of the landmark About You app, which the robust and versatile Omnis Studio 10 development software platform has helped them plan, accomplish and execute with consummate professionalism.

Why Omnis

“During the Covid-19 lockdown period we had to implement an application to support general practitioners within a very short time. We therefore had to choose a technology that would enable us to achieve a high level of development performance while ensuring high standards of maintainability and possible further development. We decided that Omnis was the right tool for this project.
Certainly speed of development and maintainability were the two key reasons for us to choose Omnis Studio rather than one of the many other mobile app development tools.”
Maurizio Vico, Head of Development BiMind Srl

Maurizio Vico
Head of Development BiMind Srl

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