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Mobile app replaces web order management solution
created with Omnis Studio in a few months

Alphaplan CH Omnis App

Hegnau-Zurich, Switzerland

The Challenge:

Alphaplan AG decided to completely redesign the online functionality of its facilities management software: their previous web-based application for time recording and order processing had become somewhat outdated. They wanted to convert the solution to a modern, user-friendly mobile application in order to give all employees access to all relevant & timely information, and make work processes more efficient. At the same time, the company wanted to add new functions to further improve the services provided to customers and create new offerings, and to fully integrate the new app into the existing Omnis ERP system.
Alphaplan wanted to complete the development as quickly as possible with their own team of two developers, while the change over from the old to the new solution had to be completed during ongoing operations.

The Solution

Thanks to the high productivity of the Omnis Studio development environment, these goals were achieved within just a few months. The new mobile application was created with a modern user-friendly interface that makes it easier for employees to organize their work.
The efficiency of the app was significantly increased with the easy to use job recording function, an enhanced appointment management and reminder function, plus a new central event management function that uses various media (phone, email, written, customer or user portal) as well as a new event journal. At the same time, these functions ensure that all documentation and administration is stored reliably. Employees can now access all relevant data, such as area lists with all management details, property master data, documents, plans, technology, special instructions (e.g. for winter services). In addition, the tradesmen can be assigned to the respective property at any time and from any location, thus ensuring the high quality of service for which Alphaplan is renowned.

“The JavaScript components available in Omnis Studio allowed the implementation of an easy to use and clear web application. During development we were able to concentrate on the processes and interfaces to the management system (also implemented with Omnis) and only had to spend a minimum of time and effort on UI development and data connection, as this is solved in a uniquely simple and productive way by the JavaScript integration of Omnis”, reports Peter Egli, CIO of Alphaplan.
The new mobile app is already being used by many of Alphaplan’s housekeepers, gardeners, parking lot inspectors, cleaners and tradesmen, and the user base is constantly expanding. The feedback on the new solution has been very positive.


The Company

Alphaplan AG, headquartered in Hegnau, Switzerland, was founded in 1983 with the aim of offering an alternative form of management to traditional home maintenance. Since then, the range of services has been continuously expanded and now includes various services such as caretaking & technology, cleaning services, car park management, various handicraft services, garden maintenance and support services such as emergency services (on-call service), helpdesk, reception & mail, container cleaning, and so on.
Alphaplan employs over 300 people at 7 locations in Switzerland. The company’s quality and environmental management have been ISO-certified for many years. Alphaplan continues to grow and strongly adheres to strategy “Everything in and round your property”.

Why Omnis

“Our web application for time recording and order management was getting a bit outdated. With the Omnis JavaScript Client we were able to completely rewrite the old web application and add important functions within a few months. The diverse possibilities of the Omnis JavaScript environment will also give us room for future extensions (e.g. QR code). Due to the perfect integration into our Omnis ERP application and the reuse of existing Omnis code, the development efficiency was outstanding”.

Peter Egli
CIO Alphaplan Group

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