January 13, 2020 Andrew

Apps for public administration, logistics, agencies developed with Omnis – the latest Case Studies

Omnis Studio is trusted by developers around the world for creating all types of software solutions, in every possible market across the business spectrum. For many years Omnis Studio has supported companies of all sizes in creating market leading solutions, in areas such as health (doctors offices), finance (accounting), and logistics, and our customers have achieved many awards along the way. We are very happy to say that Omnis Studio continues to be adopted by new generations of developers, creating a new wave of web & mobile applications for businesses.

Our Case Studies demonstrate the depth and breadth of the achievements developers have reached with Omnis Studio, and show the technical solutions developers have found to meet all types of business challenge. In the past couple of months we have published some new case studies that illustrate the range of different solutions created with Omnis Studio, and show its excellent integration and connectivity capabilities. The latest case studies are summarized here.

CapdataFirst, CapData Software was enlisted by the government of Madagascar to establish a comprehensive system to support good governance for Madagascar, including for the ministries of Justice and Finance, and establish a secure, paper-less office. The web application that Capdata created (using the Omnis JavaScript Client) integrates the entire judicial process, from the submission of a victim’s complaint to the drafting of a judgment, across the whole courts system. The application is spread across 19 different servers and is deployed in all the main jurisdictions in Madagascar, with 20,000 users working in the system. Capdata Software is based in France and has extensive experience in application development with Omnis Studio and is specialized in web and mobile solutions, as well as expertise in database design. You can read the full story here: www.omnis.net/case-study/capdata-software/

Fast LogisticsFast Logistics is a fully integrated data management system for logistics companies that is used by some of the most prestigious companies across Europe, including the global service provider Rhenus Logistics who use it in various locations across Switzerland. Fast Logistics helps companies to manage large quantities of goods, complex shipments or smaller standard deliveries, just-in-time fulfillment, and customer orders can be processed quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Thanks to sophisticated warehouse logistics and efficient material flow, Rhenus Logistics can reduce the lead times of its customers’ orders, reduce costs, systematically optimize processes and therefore gain additional market advantages. Fast Logistics is developed by ‘daco systems ag’ based in Switzerland, and you can read more about this great logistics solution here: www.omnis.net/case-study/daco-systems-ag/

Pro-AdThe PROAD software solution allows advertising, communications, consulting and IT agencies to manage their entire operations, covering all project and administrative functions across the whole organisation. Production departments can produce fast and profitable estimates and reduce time spent managing third party suppliers, while Accounts management can review the status of individual jobs, deadlines and allocated resources. Estimates, proposals and related documents are all stored together, enhancing the ability of the organisation to retrieve and archive customer information. PROAD integrates with most popular office productivity software, such as Word and Email, which means that existing templates and documents can be used. The resources of the agency are streamlined by using electronic time sheets that automatically update against job budget and can be tailored to reflect the cost of each individual employee. You can find out more about this successful project management solution on our website: www.omnis.net/case-study/proad/

You will find an overview of all the latest Omnis Case Studies, as well as an archive of older stories, on the Omnis website at: www.omnis.net/case-studies/

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