• Omnis web solution •
All courts in Madagascar equipped
with an integrated Omnis web application

Moissy-Cramayel, France

The Solution

As part of a cooperation between the State of Madagascar and the European Union, a project called NFD (Ny Fanjakana ho an’ ny Daholo be – which translates as “Administration for All”) was initiated to support the establishment of good governance and the modernization of the Malagasy administration. The objective for the project was to create a highly secure and paper-less office. The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance of Madagascar are designated as beneficiaries of this support. Capdata Software won the tender by offering a full web solution developed with Omnis Studio and the Omnis JavaScript Client technology.

The Omnis web application integrates the entire judicial process, from the submission of a victim’s complaint to the drafting of a judgment. The application manages three different types of courts:
• The Administrative Courts
• The Courts of First Instance
• The Financial Courts
The application is deployed in all the main jurisdictions in Madagascar, with 20,000 users working in the system, spread across 19 different servers.


The Company

Capdata Software has extensive experience in application development with Omnis Studio and is specialized in web and mobile solutions. Their team of application developers focuses on proven and emerging technologies. CapData Software meets the challenge of data mobility and offers reliable solutions with a low IT infrastructure. Since their engineers contribute ideas and awareness of the latest technology, they mobilize their resources in the creation of innovative solutions and products. Capdata are also strong in developing and using APIs to connect existing information systems to automate data transfer and reduce manual work.

About Capdata Software: www.capdatasoft.com

Why Omnis

“After previous failures encountered by the Malagasy administration, there were growing demands for a robust, modular, scalable and maintainable solution. With this in mind, Omnis Studio made it possible to respond coherently, effectively and completely to the technical and architectural needs of the project. In addition, the support and assistance of Omnis Software France on this project has enabled us to overcome the technical limits whenever they occurred.
The project has been welcomed by the European Union and the Ministry of Justice since the implementation of the entire solution makes it possible to take a major step forward in the digital transformation of the Administration.”
“We chose the Omnis JavaScript Client technology for this project because of its efficiency in development, as well as its speed and simplicity of deployment. Omnis Studio allows poweful UI development and allow us to react immediately to any user requirements and requested modifications.”

Marcel Ramanantsoa
Technical Director of Capdata Software

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