Competent, personal
and really helpful

Access to a high quality technical support is often critical for the success of a project and can save time and money. Omnis provides excellent support by experienced developers – no waiting loops, no chat bots. You talk to real developers and engineers.

Single Ticket

ticket for 30 minutes personal tech support with an Omnis support engineer

USD 50.00

Hour Ticket

ticket for 60 minutes personal tech support with an Omnis support engineer

USD 90.00


• advanced support service for Omnis Studio Community + CommunityPro Editions
full tech support (email, phone, remote)
for 12 months

USD 750.00


• support and maintenance service for Omnis Studio Standard + Professional Editions
full tech support incl. updates & upgrades for SDK
for 12 months

USD 1,750.00

The optimum of support, products and service for you in Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP)

If you want to receive the optimum of technical support, service and access to pre-releases you should join the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) which is your guarantee of superior services and support of your project.

FAQs about

 Omnis Technical Support

Does the free Community Edition developer license include some free technical support?

Yes, it does. A basic support service is included in the free Community Edition. This basic support service is provided by experienced developers and support engineers and provides real help for you. This free support service is not limited in the number of cases but it is provided by email only.

I understand that some of the Omnis Studio Editions include some technical support. When would I want to purchase a support ticket or GOLD and PLATINUM support?

The subscription fees of the CommunityPro and the Professional Edition include technical support by email only. The Professional Edition perpetual licenses don’t include any technical support.

If you want to speed up your development by discussing a technical issue important for your project with an experienced Omnis support engineer you can purchase a single support ticket or an annual support service. This service will provide you with a high level of technical knowledge, and the service includes remote web sessions to work directly on your issue together with you. If helpful for your case, our support team may also provide you with a sample code which illustrates the solution to your issue.
The Omnis Support services will help you with problems regarding the development, deployment or management of Omnis applications.

Does subscription service for licensing include software patches and updates?

One of the many benefits of license subscriptions is that patches and updates of the Omnis Studio platform are included. This means that when we deploy a patch release or a new feature, you get it at no additional cost. So without additional payments you will always be on the latest version of the Omnis technology.

What is a Support Ticket?

A support ticket entitles to having a single support issue being worked on by the Omnis support team. A single support issue is an issue that cannot be broken down into smaller issues.
The communication and processing of your support ticket takes place by phone, email and/or in remote web sessions.

What is the expected response time for a ticket, GOLD and PLATINUM support?

Initial response times are typically within a few business hours.  Our support hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Does Omnis Technical Support guarantee a solution?

The Omnis Support team will make all efforts to resolve your issue. However, there can be different reasons why we may not be able to fully resolve your issue. This can especially be the case in a heterogenous environment that includes various other software products. Therefore we cannot guarantee a solution of your issue.  In case we won’t be able to provide you with an acceptable solution we will always try to provide you with a workaround or recommend an alternative approach.

Are there any areas which support tickets and GOLD and PLATINUM support do not cover?

  • Feature enhancements
  • Performance tuning of your application
  • Onsite support