Develop your skills
with the Omnis Education Program

With Omnis Studio it’s so easy to learn and teach app development. Schools, training companies and universities around the world teach with Omnis, empowering their students to build fantastic apps for all platforms and devices. Find out why.

Student Version

With Omnis you will not only learn quickly to develop amazing apps with the latest technologies, you will also learn to meet important business requirements including code and time management, creating prototypes, integrating new apps into existing hardware and software environments and many other skills. See why we believe Omnis is the ideal tool for learning to build apps that solve real problems.

Education Version

More and more education institutions are adding Omnis Studio to their curriculum. No wonder – it’s so easy! It reduces stress for teachers and increases motivation and fun for students. Omnis provides all technologies in one package and with only one code base so you don’t need to teach 3 or 4 different products to build a sophisticated modern business app. That’s why we say Omnis is the ideal tool for teaching to build apps.

"I teach between 65 and 100-plus students each semester. All of them now know about the Omnis concept… They can see they can build something and it works, it’s real and it’s based on the requirements we face in the real world… Omnis covers the entire life cycle. You can use it as a prototyping tool, so whatever you do – it becomes a real application. You can create databases with it or easily integrate it with industry standard databases… It also can be written so that it is externally aware of different devices, allowing developers to develop applications all over the world with a minimum of barriers – a key advantage in a globalised economy."

Dan Ridinger, instructor at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada

FAQs about

 the Omnis Studio Education Program

What is included in the free Student Version?

The Student Version includes everything you need to learn building mobile, web and desktop apps. You can access all popular database systems incl. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAP HANA and many others.

How can I register for a free Student Version?

Every pupil, apprentice or student can register for a free Student Version. You just need to register and include a copy of your Student ID or comparable document. We will then be happy to provide you with your Student Version which will be limited for 12 months. It can be renewed year after year for as long as you are a pupil, apprentice or student.

How can I renew my Student Version?

The free Student Version is initially limited for 12 months. If you like to continue to work with Omnis Studio and are still a pupil, apprentice or student you can renew it for another 12 months several times. Simply register, tick the box ‘Renewal’ and include a copy of your latest your Student ID or comparable document.

Could I use the Community Edition instead of the Student Version to learn Omnis?

The Omnis Studio Community Edition is suited for mobile and web apps with small numbers of users and ideal for developers who are new to Omnis and want to implement their first project(s) with Omnis. However, if you want to learn Omnis you should use the Student Version which includes all benefits of the Omnis Studio Profesional Edition plus the Omnis Serverless component (optional) and is better suited for academic use. This means the Student Version enables you to learn to build web, desktop and mobile – both connected and standalone – apps that can access any database system, and much more.
It is free – so simply sign-up and get started immediately.

I’m a teacher. When I have questions or any technical issues how can I get technical support?

When you are teaching Omnis you can be sure we will support you in the best way we can. You will receive free support each time you need it and in the form that works best for you – by phone, by email, in remote sessions, with individual sample libraries, etc.

Are there any sample apps and teaching materials that I can use in my lessons?

Yes, we are providing various sample libraries and course materials for you to use so that you can get started quickly. We are also continuously enhancing training materials that will be provided to all interested teachers.