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Drastically simplifies management
of aeromedical certificates of fitness



The Solution

The Q.MED-AERO solution allows doctors to enter data using an Omnis desktop application, while pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers can complete their application for an aeromedical certificate from home or on the road by mobile phone or using the web app. A separate app was created for this purpose which is available in the Apple AppStore.
The pilots record their data which are stored centrally in a strongly encrypted database that can only be accessed by the pilot and the authorized doctor. Furthermore, when renewing the medical certificate, the application had to be completely re-entered each time, but now Q.MED-AERO allows the pilots/attendents to copy an earlier application and only enter the changes saving a lot of time and effort.
When the certificate application process is complete, the applicant selects a doctor from a list and the Q.MED system sends the doctor an email with a token that allows access to the application. The doctor uses this token to access the data (using the Omnis Studio REST API) and transfers it to their desktop application. A great advantage for the doctor is that all the data collected and validated by the pilot are complete and correct, eliminating the need for manual data collection. Schwerdtner Medizin-Software developed an interface with Omnis which can be used to automatically transmit the doctor’s data to the German Federal Aviation Authority, including further examinations such as ECG, vision tests and audiograms.

The Company

Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH has been developing billing and documentation solutions for medical practices, hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories for many years.

Why Omnis

“We chose Omnis Studio because we can develop solutions in a fraction of the time using only one development environment. We can develop desktop applications for Windows and MacOS, as well as web-based solutions. In the 30 years we’ve been working with Omnis, we haven’t found another tool that’s anywhere near as flexible.
The debugger is especially impressive, which allows the program code to be changed during debugging and therefore fully supports agile development,”
Christoph Schwerdtner, creator of QMed and founder and owner of Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH.

Christoph Schwerdtner 
Creator of QMed and founder and owner of Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH

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