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Step 1 – Choose your Online Training

We provide six different online courses free of charge, held by experienced Omnis consultants and trainers.
All you need is a computer with internet access and 100 minutes of your time.
Pick the subjects you are interested in.
If you are new to Omnis you should start with the „Omnis Studio Basics“ course.

Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps

Get started quickly and easily with Omnis. You will learn the HTM File structure, remote classes, creating example remote forms for web and mobile with UI components supporting different screen resolutions.

  • Introduction to the Omnis Studio IDE
  • Getting to know the Omnis Studio folder structure
  • Starting a project
  • Learning to design a responsive remote form
  • Events
  • Basics of Omnis notation
  • Animation
  • Sending messages
  • Client executed methods
  • CSS in Omnis

Omnis Studio Database Connectivity

Learn to use Omnis Studio’s multi database connectivity: SQL implementation, connecting to any SQL server, using table classes and inheritance of table classes to implement common interfaces. Creating manual SQL using the query builder used in table classes. Creating a session pool.

  • Connecting to an SQL server
  • Writing a logon method to the SQL server
  • Using the Query Builder tool to generate a SQL join
  • Using table classes to execute SQL
  • Using list and row variables to load in a remote form and save data into the database

Developing a Messenger App in Omnis Studio

You will learn to create a messenger app using a bubble interface and push notifications.

  • Dealing with URL parameters in remote task to create a logon
  • Createing a remote form that uses Omnis push technology
  • Using CSS for a nice bubble design
  • Learning to use client executed methods and return methods
  • Adding some JavaScript code in the Omnis remote form

Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing a menu system

with remote forms. Logon to the web application, creating a role based access system, creating a menu system for web- and mobile apps based on these access rights.

  • Making a database connection
  • Introduction of a super table class
  • Creating a user object
  • Making a logon form
  • Making a navigation form
  • Implementing the access rights
  • Implementing a more granular access rights system

Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing a REST Service Client and Server

Get access to RESTful interfaces using the http client worker objects. Allow your Omnis app to provide data for other applications using the Omnis Studio RESTful server feature.

  • Creating a RESTful client example that connects to a RESTful service generating bar codes
  • Creating an Omnis Studio RESTful server example that returns data from a SQL database

Develop Standalone Mobile Apps

that run without a connection and can be synchronised later. You will learn to use the Omnis Serverless Client and the Data Synchronisation Server. This also covers the setup of the Omnis JS wrapper app.

  • Setting up the Omnis JS Wrapper
  • Introduction of the Omnis Synchronisation Server
  • Learning how to update the app remotely
  • Development of serverless client remote forms
  • Superclass
  • Logon form
  • Main form
  • Customer list form
  • Customer detail form
  • Updating data
  • Synchronising data

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