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The Solution

The flexibility of the Omnis Studio application development environment links Conrad’s business processes into a highly effective system that includes Quotation, Contract Review, Job order, Procurement, Planning, Production, Inventory Control, Quality, Cost Analysis, Financial, Payroll, Risk Management, Alerts, and Document Management. Omnis Studio helped Conrad to become one of the first AS9100C certified companies in the aerospace industry. All the information required for the certification is at their fingertips.

With its powerful and flexible system offering rich-features and easy-to-use development tools, Conrad will continue to use Omnis Studio. Omnis combines the business-oriented data management technology with object-oriented rapid generation tools that has allowed Conrad to apply DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) concepts in the system development. It keeps development and maintenance in a reliable and efficient state. The multiple database support also offers Conrad an option to select a database that fits its needs now and in the future.

Continual enhancement supporting the latest technology is another key factor that keeps Conrad using Omnis Studio. Ongoing development of new features ensures that Conrad’s system will never become obsolete and the company will remain competitive in a rapid changing market. Currently, Conrad is working on migrating its system to Omnis Studio 6.x using JavaScript Client and making the system available on mobile devices.

The Company

The Conrad Company, an aircraft parts manufacturer, was founded in 1966 to meet the demand for specialty parts in military aircraft. Conrad continues to this day, sharpening its expertise in the manufacture and assembly of integrated parts. Its in-house process of fabrication and assembly ensures lower costs, greater efficiency, tighter tolerances, and enhanced levels of quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Omnis

We work together to make our jobs easier. And, Omnis makes it happen. Its powerful and rich features allow us to design and deploy a custom-fit enterprise system quickly and easily,” said Naipeir Liang, Business Manager at Conrad.

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