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World´s largest manufacturer of water soluble polymers
uses Omnis to stay competitive and innovative

Andrézieux Cedex

The Company

SNF is a chemical company and a world leader in the production of water soluble polymers (polyacrylamides), with total sales c. €2.5 billion (2017), 5,700 employees worldwide and a market share of 47%. SNF is a privately held company, founded in 1978, with key success factors including manufacturing excellence, combined chemical and engineering expertise, as well as product and process innovation.

Why Omnis

Omnis Studio was chosen since its features allow SNF to react very quickly and efficiently, despite a very heterogeneous and multi-lingual environment. Omnis is used throughout the whole company for order taking, planning, production, quality control laboratory, R&D, transport and shipment of products. A very useful aspect is the cross-platform capability of Omnis, so SNF only needs to deploy a single library, and it can be used directly on both Macs and PCs.

“We have been using Omnis for more than 20 years. The link between SNF and Omnis is so strong that internally, we call our ERP ‘Omnis’,” said Fatih Gungor, Head of SNF IT Department. “Omnis is very robust, and this we have seen over time, we have upgraded our computers to the latest Windows and Mac versions, and we still find our functional code works despite the years and the different versions.”

Omnis is used at SNF sites in France, the United States, China and India, with more than 1100 end users.

Fatih Gungor
Head of SNF IT Department

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