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The Solution

All these requirements are met by the Omnis application THE DRUID to such an extent that their clients – senior development and project directors, security and raw materials managers of well-known cosmetic companies and suppliers – are always generous with their praise: They emphasize “the high efficiency and flexibility”, the truly “paperless laboratory”, or they describe THE DRUID as an “all-round and easy-to-use package”, or in one word “magical”. One client gets to the heart by saying: “The druids are real wizards!”

So how did the creators of THE DRUID achieve such customer satisfaction and enthusiasm? By a profound knowledge in product development, guaranteeing optimization of all required processes within the enterprise based on reliable security standards; by personal, practical experience allowing the software to meet the real needs of employees; by providing direct benefits for customers (saving time, money and stress); and by competent and highly efficient customer service.

THE DRUID steps through the entire cosmetics development process and monitors it at the same time. The customer benefits are impressive: A survey among Swiss cosmetics companies showed that changes in products and new developments can be accelerated by up to 67 per cent when THE DRUID software is used. And this translates to real savings across the whole cosmetics business.

THE DRUID is so comprehensive that only parts of its functionality can be listed here, as the software includes, among other things, the raw material database DINCIDIC (legal guidelines and restrictions, cosmetic ingredients, active substances incl. the European, US, Japanese and Chinese INCI names), laboratory documentation, project management, completed declarations and documentation, safety assessments and automatic calculations, data collections for all required product information files and notifications, sampling and packaging management, manufacturing guidelines, management of product tests, missing content management, calculation of the appropriate natural cosmetics label as well as the transfer to ERP (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics, etc.) and many other functions.

The Company

Founded in Switzerland in 1999, JOVIS enterprises ltd has been managed by its owners and has specialized in providing solutions for the development, documentation and submission of products in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, detergents and cleaning industries. The company employs experts in the cosmetics industry, as well as IT and business economics. JOVIS are not limited to the development and maintenance of the software but also provide individual customization for their clients, support during implementation and consultancy in the optimization of industry specific deployments.

Why Omnis

Another major factor in the success of THE DRUID is the use of Omnis Studio, according to JOVIS enterprises ltd, the developer of THE DRUID. Its flexibility and efficiency allows a small team to not only develop a large range of functions but also to continuously improve it according to changing conditions and regulations, and to maintain and customize it for clients cost-effectively. Thanks to Omnis Studio the end user experience can be oriented around the practical needs of users and includes various automatic security checks so that the handling is safe and intuitive, despite of the wealth of functions.

“I have been developing applications in Omnis since 1989, and to date I haven’t seen any other development software that could match the efficiency of Omnis,” said Daniel Herbert, Managing Director of JOVIS enterprises ltd. “So far I have developed three generations of our formulation software THE DRUID, and the practical and easy-to-use development environment in Omnis has always provided me with a very reliable foundation. Added to this, the support from Omnis is simply phenomenal: many other vendors should take this as the standard!”

Daniel Herbert,
Managing Director of JOVIS enterprises ltd.

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