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Start developing JavaScript Web & Mobile applications with Omnis Studio for FREE

When you are looking for software to start your next application development project, you need to weigh up several factors: What functionality does it provide? How easy is it to use? How long is it going to take? What is it going to cost? And if you are looking to migrate or augment an existing system, you need to know if the new software will integrate well with your old system, that is, how well does it “talk to” other systems and technologies.

In the end however, there is no substitute for just diving in and trying the new software, to try to answer some of those questions*, and to see if the software meets the criteria you have set. When you are ready to start, it is also good that cost is not a barrier to undertaking a full evaluation of the new software – and that’s where Omnis Software can help you a lot, to get you started with your application development project, with no upfront costs during your trial, so you can fully evaluate Omnis Studio and assure yourself that it’s the right tool for you or your team.

*Regarding the questions we asked at the start, Omnis Studio performs well – it provides a wealth of cross-platform functionality, it’s easy to use for those familiar with other development systems or programming languages, it usually takes less time & fewer resources to create an app using Omnis Studio (as our Case Studies show), and Omnis can “talk to” just about any other system, or database, using REST Web services or our dedicated Database Access Modules (DAMs).

Free Trial and Support

To help you in your evaluation, we offer a free trial of Omnis Studio that will last for 90 days (3 full calendar months) and you can sign-up today and download it immediately. The trial version of Omnis Studio is not restricted in any way in terms of functionality, so you can try the full breadth of functionality in Omnis Studio, to create your first prototype Web or Mobile application. And during the 90-day trial period, you can ask any technical questions that crop up, by emailing our support team – you can also sign up to receive regular emails to further help you evaluate Omnis Studio during the trial period.

We feel sure you will get on well with Omnis Studio, but just to ease your evaluation process, and to help you along the way, we are very pleased to help you at any stage during the trial period using our free support offer. So please, go ahead and register for the Free 90-day trial here today: Free Trial

Free Training

Not only do we provide a free trial and tech support for 90 days, we also provide free online training in the Omnis Academy – none of the course materials or videos are behind a pay-wall, so you can access them at any time and for as long as you like, long after your trial period finishes, so you can keep learning and extending your knowledge. Our free training is provided in two formats:

  1. You can ‘attend’ a free class in one of our Online Training sessions. These are live 60-90 minute sessions hosted by an Omnis specialist, either from the Consulting team or Tech support, who have many years experience of helping customers achieve their development projects. There are SIX courses, including the first aimed at complete beginners to those more suited to experienced programmers. If you are just starting with Omnis or evaluating it for your next project, we suggest you take the “Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps” course, which is firmly aimed at beginners. For more details and to register, please go to: Online Training
  2. The other free option is to step through our Video Tutorials. The online course is split into FIVE parts and shows you how to build a complete, working application for managing food and drink orders in a restaurant, which could be adapted to many other service businesses or e-commerce applications. We provide a video for each part (in English and German), and complete PDF documentation to download (in English, German and Spanish) – the videos are recorded by Andreas Pfeiffer, a senior consultant in our German office who has many years experience supporting and training Omnis developers. Plus we provide the application code (libraries) for each stage of the tutorial for you to download (available on the Video page). To start the online course, please go to: Video Tutorials

Here is the first part of the Video tutorial, to give you a taster…

Further questions?

As you can see, there are many ways to start developing your first JavaScript Web or Mobile application using Omnis Studio for free, and with many different ways to get help during the evaluation or prototyping stage. If you have any questions at any stage, then we urge you to get in touch, by contacting our Tech support or sales team, who will be delighted to help you. We feel sure you will like Omnis Studio and will find it useful for creating your application – we’re here to help you succeed in your application development project, while saving you time and resources along the way, so please do get in touch if you need help: Contact us

App Development White paper

And if you still have questions about Choosing the right App Development Software for your next project, then you may like to read our special White Paper, exactly about this subject. The white paper covers all the Key criteria you need to consider when choosing an application development system – please take a look at our White Paper and again, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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