October 7, 2019 Andrew

Omnis Studio is Trusted by Developers all around the World

Omnis Studio has been trusted by developers around the world for four decades, for all types of software solutions in every conceivable market across the business spectrum – indeed during this time Omnis Studio has supported many market leading solutions in areas such as health, finance, and logistics, and our customers have achieved many awards along the way. And Omnis Studio continues to be adopted by new generations of developers today.

Our Case Studies demonstrate the depth and breadth of the achievements developers have reached with Omnis Studio, and show the technical solutions developers have found to meet all types of business challenge. Recently, we have published several very interesting new case studies that once again illustrate the range of different solutions created with Omnis Studio, and demonstrate its excellent integration and connectivity capabilities. The latest case studies include:

Royal BotaniaRoyal Botania, manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture and accessories based in Belgium, has switched from its former ERP system and a FrontBase database to SAP Business One and MS SQL Server, and thanks to Omnis this change was carried out easily and in a short time. Royal Botania developed various solutions for different departments to enhance the existing functionality of SAP Business One, most of them integrated as REST calls in the SAP windows, and to ensure a better user experience. They have been implemented in a fraction of the time it would have taken to add to SAP. The whole story with screenshots of the different Omnis apps can be found (in English, Dutch and German) at: www.omnis.net/case-study/royal-botania/

usoft GmbHThe German development company usoft GmbH, in conjunction with Omnis Software, enabled special components manufacturer Eberhard to maintain and enhance its more than 30-year-old COBOL-based ERP system. The system forms the heart of its component production and enabled the addition of a modern web shop in a few weeks. Within only two weeks, usoft created a prototype using the Omnis JavaScript Client which was then implemented to a full usable system within six weeks. Omnis uses ODBC to directly access the COBOL legacy system with all article descriptions, drawings, prices and much more. Read the whole story on: www.omnis.net/case-study/usoft/

AnaphoreThe French software developer Anaphore sarl is a specialist for archive solutions. Its customers include many well-known public and private archives in France and the Caribbean. Thanks to Omnis Studio and with a relatively small team, Anaphore has created Arkhéïa, a complete solution for the management of archive holdings, to the production of EAD-compliant finding aids, that meets the international standards and norms for the archival process. Arkhéïa users are professional archivists in institutions of all sizes, from small archives that manage only a few meters of documents to those that store over 80 kilometers of archive documents. Read the whole story at: www.omnis.net/case-study/anaphore/

You will find an overview of all current Omnis Case Studies, as well as an archive of older stories, here: www.omnis.net/case-studies/

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