February 28, 2019 asmith

Omnis Studio 10 World Tour coming to a City (or screen) near you!

We are proud of our new release of Omnis Studio 10 and want to show it to the world.
So we are holding a series of events – both physical meetings and online presentations – in the upcoming weeks in different parts of the world and in different languages. You will see in detail the new Method Editor, some new JavaScript controls and the remote debugging.
You will learn more about our support for Accessibility which is important to meet the new legal requirements and to allow every user to work with your applications. Another very interesting new set of features is the support for several web & email protocols (including POP3 email, CRYPTO, HASH) via an updated OW3 Worker Objects external package.
And for customers who have been using the Omnis database we will present a new tool in version 10 that enables conversion of Omnis datafiles to SQLite or PostgreSQL. 
The dates and locations are:

  • 6 March Manchester
  • 11 March Mexico City
  • 19 March Hamburg

For more details and to signup, please go to our website:
or for more information about Omnis Studio 10, see:

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