The new Omnis Studio 10
Innovative, efficient, fast

New Release Omnis Studio 10.1

Omnis Studio version 10.1 provides a greatly enhanced code editor & other tools to help application developers, together with a better user experience for their customers on desktops, web & mobile devices. The enhancements in our latest release include:

  • New and updated JavaScript components for an improved user experience
  • Improved user experience in desktop apps with new animations
  • Improved user engagement for mobile apps with new “Toast” messages
  • More assistance to write code faster
  • Easier debugging with new Variable Panel
  • Faster, optimized apps, SQL Worker lists
  • Better support of the FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard for medical applications

Omnis Studio 10

The latest Omnis Studio release is a milestone in the history of Omnis and provides developers with important new features that will make the development of web & mobile applications with Omnis easier and faster.
Omnis Studio 10 includes: 

New Code Editor

Coding has never been easier and faster. The new enhanced Code Editor and the Code Assistant make coding much faster, eliminate errors and simplifies maintenance. It greatly improves and speeds up especially web and mobile app development for new and existing users. It also extends the capabilities of the Omnis Code Assistant. When required the Code Assistant will pop up automatically and help you to fill out Expressions, Command names, Command options, and other command parameters. And at any time, you can press Ctrl-Space to open the Code Assistant to help for the current context.

Fixed Layout
– the code is still stored as a tokenised stream

Multiple undo and redo

Syntax coloring
– new colors for variable scope, commands options, functions, etc

Command constructs
are completed, e.g. select If and End If is added

Help panel
shows command description and syntax

Error markers
in code (curly underline)

Editor panels
for parameter help, error navigation, fixing errors

Create variable panel
with automatic scope and type applied via prefixes and suffixes, e.g. iVarList will be an instance variable (i) of type list (list)

New editor commands
including Goto line number, Select line, Upper/Lower case selection, triple-click will select a code line, delete current line option, select word command

New $keys property
and keys.json file to store and configure all Shortcut keys in the new editor


A comprehensive set of features has been added to Omnis Studio 10 to support the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to help to make your applications more accessible, primarily for people with disabilities. The WCAG 2.0 guidelines are an international recommendation for the barrier-free design of Internet offers, which are binding for authorities in the European Union as of September 2019 for new and as of September 2020 for existing websites and applications and as of June 2021 for mobile applications. Similar requirements apply in many other countries including the US, Canada and Australia.

Omnis Studio 10 now supports WCAG 2.0. E.g. most JavaScript controls support ARIA type properties which can be read aloud by screen readers, plus the ability for end users to navigate a form & its controls using the Tab, Arrow and other keys has been improved.

Debugging at its best

Even excellent things can still be improved. The powerful and very comfortable Omnis debugger allows Remote Debugging, i.e. you are able to debug your applications off-site, potentially saving you and your clients time and effort. And the new Variable panel allows you to view and modify variables while you debug and step through your code.

New JavaScript Controls 

that let you develop beautiful apps with amazing UIs. A new Toolbar control for remote forms, and a new non-visual external component iCalendar for managing calendar events in remote forms (also window classes); several of the other JavaScript components have been enhanced.

New Components

that let you develop beautiful apps with attractive and user-friendly UIs. New components and animations have been added for improved user experiences both on web & mobile and on desktop apps. You can now also popup Toast Messages to increase user engagement in mobile apps.

Extend your apps

Omnis Studio 10 also includes support for several web & email protocols via an updated OW3 Worker Objects external package, which means you can use these on a background thread. Protocols newly supported include POP3 email, CRYPTO (for encryption or decryption), and HASHfor hashing (scrambling) data. Also, SFTP support has been added to the FTP worker object.

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