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More options.
No limits.

Build beautiful apps in record time

With the latest product release 10.22 Omnis more than lives up to the name: With Omnis Studio you can build apps for literally everything and everyone. Develop your solution on the platform of your choice and deploy it to virtually any device on any platform incl. Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises, it’s your choice.
That’s the power of Omnis Studio.

Flexibility is part of Omnis’ DNA.
With the latest release 10.22 you now have even more options:

• Build mobile, web and/or desktop apps,
• Develop in the cloud or on premise
• Deploy on any platform and device, in the Omnis Cloud, private cloud or on premise
• And choose between multiple plans and subscription and perpetual licensing.

is possible

It’s up to you. 

Native Support for Apple M1 + M2 + macOS 12 Monterey

Omnis Studio 10.22 runs natively on Apple M1 hardware and is certified to run on macOS 12 Monterey.
This highlights Omnis Studio’s cross-platform capability, which allows developers to create apps on the operating system of their choice and deploy them on other operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) and devices without modification or recompilation. So Omnis Studio 10.22 now enables developers to make use of the excellent performance of the M1 based hardware to the full.

Build Progressive Web Apps

Omnis Studio is the ideal tool to develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which combine the best of two worlds – the power and capabilities of platform-specific apps and the reach of web apps. 

You can build attractive and powerful apps that are capable, reliable, fast and secure reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.

Design of expressive apps now easier than ever

Design of expressive apps is now easier than ever

• A wealth of new and enhanced JavaScript controls
• JavaScript Client Themes to manage colors in your app
• Animations for a modern UX
• SVG icons scaling to fit the icon area and (JS only) themed to match selected color scheme
• Many new Window controls, Side Panels and Toast Messages for desktop apps
• Components can better cater to touch devices

Debugging at its best

Important enhancement to the Omnis Remote Debugger – even excellent things can still be improved. 

You can now edit methods and code while stepping through live code in the Remote Debugger

Reach every user everywhere

Enable everyone to participate digitally. Omnis Studio supports the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) so you can make your applications more accessible, primarily for people with disabilities.
If you make your website barrier-free, you will reach a wider target group and thus more potential customers. Usability is central for the success of your apps.

Easy localization for web & mobile apps

Talk to your users in their native language

Localization has been optimized, reducing data size for multi language applications

German, French, Italian and Spanish are supported by default, while support for other languages can be added

Many other important enhancements

• Studio 10.22 now generates OpenAPI 3.0.0 definitions, as well as Swagger 2.0 definitions for a RESTful web service
• The Linux Headless Server can now be run in MultiProcess Server (MPS)
• Support of regular expressions in your Omnis code or for Find and Replace via the PCRE2 library
• General support for OAUTH2 authorization for the OW3 worker objects

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