January 30, 2019 asmith

Omnis Studio 10 is here!

We are delighted to announce that Omnis Studio 10 has been released. This latest release is a milestone in the history of Omnis and provides developers with important new features that will make application development with Omnis even faster and more comfortable. Omnis Studio 10 includes:

New Code Editor

Coding has never been easier and faster. The new enhanced Code Editor and the Code Assistant make coding much faster, eliminate errors and simplifies maintenance.


A comprehensive set of features has been added to Omnis Studio 10 to support the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to help to make your applications more accessible, primarily for people with disabilities.

Remote Debugging

The excellent Omnis Debugger has been further enhanced by Remote Debugging, i.e. the ability to debug and test your code on a remote copy of Omnis. This allows you to debug your applications off-site, potentially saving you and your clients time and effort.

New JavaScript Controls

New JS Controls that let you develop beautiful apps with amazing UIs. A new Toolbar control for remote forms, and a new non-visual external component iCalendar, and hundreds of smaller enhancements to JS Comps, including Data Grids, Segmented Control.

Migrate your datafiles to SQL

There is a new tool in version 10 that enables existing Omnis developers to convert Omnis datafiles to SQLite or PostgreSQL.

Extend your apps

Omnis Studio 10 also includes support for several web & email protocols via an updated OW3 Worker Objects external package, including POP3CRYPTO, HASH, and SFTP.
For more information about this release, and to download Omnis Studio 10, from our brand new website, go to: https://www.omnis.net/platform/omnis-studio-10/

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