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Learn JavaScript Web & Mobile App Development for FREE in the Omnis Academy

Omnis Studio allows you to create Web and Mobile applications, using ready-made JavaScript components, and using only one set of code and a UI that can be run in a standard web browser on any device – add to this, the fast prototyping & development capabilities of Omnis Studio, the short learning curve, and the world-class technical support, then Omnis Studio provides you with the all right software tools & services to create your application with ease, and in record time!

And now for the best part – to get started with Omnis Studio it won’t cost you a cent (or a penny), since we offer a free 90-day trial registration (which allows you to try Omnis unrestricted), and free online training in the Omnis Academy – you can attend live online sessions with an expert trainer, on a whole range of topics. If you are new to application development or Omnis itself, or you wish to evaluate Omnis Studio for a new project, then we strongly recommend that you attend the “Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps” course, which as the name suggests will show you all the “basics” regarding application development using Omnis Studio. The following is a summary of the topics covered in the “Basics” online training session:

  • Introduction to the Omnis Studio design environment
  • Starting a new project with Omnis Studio
  • Designing a responsive form for web or mobile access
  • Basic UI design and using CSS in Omnis
  • Intro to Omnis programming (some basic commands, notation, etc)
  • Handling events, Sending messages and Client executed methods

There are no prerequisites to attend the Omnis “Basics” course, other than a desire to learn about JavaScript web and mobile app development, using a modern, all-in-one solution like Omnis Studio. Having experience with a programming language or another dev tool (e.g. C++ or Visual Studio) would be an advantage, but for the “Basics” course it is not essential.

The online sessions we provide last around 60-90 minutes and are hosted by one of our Omnis Technical consultants, who all have a vast amount of experience in working with our customers on development projects of all types, in all market sectors, including applications for web & mobile app deployment.

Online Training Schedule

We run all the courses in the Omnis Academy at regular intervals, including the “Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps” course, they are all free of charge and are available in English and German – here are the dates for the “Basics” course in April in Europe:

12 April Deutsch 10:30 Uhr (DE) Omnis Studio Basics in der Entwicklung von Web- und Mobile Apps
12 April English 3:00pm CET (EN-EU) Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps
April 26 English 4:00pm EDT (EN-USA) Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps

There are several other courses available in the Omnis Academy, running throughout April and May (and right through 2022), so please go to the Omnis website to check the dates and to sign up.

To register, please select your language / location (either English EN-EU or EN-USA, or German DE), then click on the course title and select a date, from the following page: www.omnis.net/developers/online-training/

Download Omnis and Try it yourself!

In order to attend an Omnis Academy online training session, or to try Omnis Studio beforehand, you can download a FREE, 90-day trial version of Omnis Studio from the Omnis website – register here for the free trial: www.omnis.net/developers/free-trial/

When you register, you will receive an email containing your 90-day trial serial number which you can enter when you first start Omnis Studio. You can elect to receive ongoing email support during your trial, or you can contact our Tech support at any point during the trial period, via the Omnis website: www.omnis.net/contact/

Try our Video Tutorials

We’d be very pleased to welcome you onto one of our online training sessions in the Omnis Academy, but if you just can’t make it, then why not follow our training course online by watching a series of YouTube videos – these are available in English and German, and are hosted by Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior Omnis consultant in our German office. This online course also includes complete Documentation, again in English and German (and Spanish) for you to download and keep, free of charge.

Check out our Video Tutorials here: www.omnis.net/developers/video-tutorials/

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